In the kNOW Jun 9, 2020

An Integrated Approach to Coastal City Flood Resilience

In the kNow Webinar

Join Adam Hosking, Jacobs Global Director for Water Resources and Resilience, and Susy Torriente, Global Leader for City Resilience, for the webinar An Integrated Approach to Coastal City Flood Resilience.

Coastal cities globally face many challenges in delivering a safe, affordable and resilient environment for their residents and economy. Added to the pressure of increasing populations and aging infrastructure, is the accelerating impact of climate change, which in the coastal context includes the challenge of sea level rise and coastal storms. OECD research (2013), suggests that across 136 coastal cities globally the population at flood risk could rise from 40 million today to 150 million by 2070, with a corresponding risk of over US$1 trillion of losses per year.

Coastal City Flood Resilience

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