Robots in BEP's Waste Treatment Cell Images courtesy of Sellafield Ltd
News Apr 22, 2024

Robotic Solutions for Sellafield’s Waste Processing Challenge

Jacobs is helping to deliver the $1.9 billion (£1.5 billion) Box Encapsulation Plant, a brand new facility to safely process and store radioactive waste from ponds, silos and other facilities that supported reprocessing missions on the Sellafield site in Cumbria, England. Read more about our work in this article.
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Digitally generated image of falling gold particles, perfectly usable for a wide variety of topics like Christmas, luxury, success, celebration, etc.
News Apr 17, 2024

Jacobs Recognized at 2024 Global Water Awards

Jacobs and our clients were recognized for several industry-leading water projects at the 2024 Global Water Awards. Read about the awards here.
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Baggage tractor and luggage cart in front of easyJet aeroplane.
News Apr 11, 2024

Jacobs Supports Ground-breaking Airport Hydrogen Trial in the UK

A ground-breaking airside hydrogen refueling trial, led by easyJet and supported by Jacobs and cross-industry partners, has been successfully completed at Bristol Airport – the first airport trial of its kind at a major U.K. airport. Read more about how the trial demonstrates that the gas can be safely and reliably used to refuel ground equipment in a busy, live airport environment.
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Missouri improvement I-70 program rendering
News Apr 10, 2024

Jacobs Named Lead Designer on First Design-Build Project Awarded Under Missouri’s Improve I-70 Program

In case you missed it, Jacobs will lead design on the Missouri Department of Transportation’s first awarded design-build project under its Improve I-70 program. This first project will reconstruct a 20-mile stretch of Interstate 70 and pave the way for future improvements across the corridor. Read more about Jacobs’ selection for this critical infrastructure project in this article.
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MRBM TARGET: An advanced medium range ballistic missile target is launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility, Kauai, Hawaii, as part of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency’s Flight Test Aegis Weapon System-32 (FTM-32), held on March 28, 2024 in cooperation with the U.S. Navy. (courtesy photo/released)
News Apr 03, 2024

Collaboration Efforts: Jacobs and Partners Enable Successful Test Execution

The Missile Defense Agency and the United States Navy recently executed a successful flight test of the Aegis system, showcasing its ability to perform specific functions. Read more about this recent target intercept test of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System and how it represents a significant achievement in mission readiness and capability.
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News Apr 03, 2024

Jacobs Advances Pioneering Technology to Reduce Battery Waste

Did you know Jacobs partners with small and diverse-owned businesses every day to deliver more connected, sustainable solutions around the world? In this article, read about our work with HaiLa Technologies Inc to reduce power consumption for a more sustainable tomorrow.
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Empty lobby with glass windows and sun coming through
News Mar 27, 2024

Jacobs Recognized for Environmental Industry Legacy, Nature-Based Solutions and PFAS Data-Driven Engineering with 5 Business Achievement Awards

Jacobs has received five business achievement awards by Environmental Business International recognizing our performance in environmental, decarbonization and climate resilience work. Learn more about our success in this article.
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City of Chattanooga’s Moccasin Environmental Campus, Solar Array.
News Mar 25, 2024

Jacobs’ Partnership with the City of Chattanooga Earns the 2023 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award

Jacobs serves as trusted partner for City of Chattanooga’s climate change and energy-saving initiatives, which are part of the Consent Decree with the U.S. EPA. Read more about how we’re enhancing climate response in Tennessee.
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Four people in a panel discussion seated on a stage in front of a screen.
News Mar 21, 2024

Jacobs Supports Social Value 2032 Program in the UK

The Social Value Leaders’ Summit 2024 gathers cross-sector leaders in the U.K. to discuss how to unlock the true potential of social value to drive positive, lasting impacts for people, communities and the environment. Read more about our work as social value leaders.
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SR 207 Water Reclamation Facility
News Mar 20, 2024

Jacobs to Deliver New Water Reclamation Facility in St. Johns County, Florida

Read how we’re providing design-build services for the county’s largest capital improvement project to date – the SR 207 Water Reclamation Facility. The project will expand water reuse capacity and help meet new state environmental regulations.
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Two men walking past green wall in office area
News Mar 13, 2024

Jacobs Becomes a Living Wage Employer in the UK

We’re joining 14,000 responsible U.K. employers who choose to go further and pay a real Living Wage based on the cost of living. Read about the accreditation.
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Aerial of a wildlife crossing
News Mar 11, 2024

Making Roads and Habitats Safer: Supporting Clients on New Wildlife Crossing Pilot Program

Jacobs worked with our Department of Transportation clients across the U.S. to secure grants through the Federal Highway Administration’s Wildlife Crossing Pilot Program. In this article, read about a few of the grant winners and their pilots to improve habitat connectivity and improve safety on America’s roadways.
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