Thought Leadership Nov 15, 2023

What Have We Done and Where Are We Going? Patrick King Talks Transportation Funding in ENR

Jacobs Vice President - Global Market Director, Transportation, Patrick King contributed to Engineering News Record (ENR)’s article “A Generational Investment - Landmark Federal Funding Energizes the Transportation Industry.”

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In ENR’s Year in Transportation & Infrastructure feature, our VP and Global Market Director, Transportation, Patrick King shared thoughts on the great work Jacobs is doing to secure transportation grants through Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and where he sees the transportation industry heading in 2024.

Read some excerpts from Patrick below and read the full article here.

In total, we have helped secure $900 million in transportation grants under various programs that support projects from bridges and bike trails to battery-electric buses (BEBs) and charging infrastructure,” says Patrick in the “A Generational Investment - Landmark Federal Funding Energizes the Transportation Industry” article. “The Brent Spence Bridge Corridor Project, for example, received $1.6 billion in IIJA funding, the largest award for a single project thus far, and will provide commuters, travelers and freight operators with a safe and efficient route to the greater region, and serve the area for decades into the future. Orlando International received $69 million in federal funds for two terminal expansion projects.”

Where does Patrick see things heading in 2024?

“We can expect data to play an ever more important role in infrastructure design and planning. StreetLight Data, Inc., an analytics platform Jacobs acquired last year, can help transit agencies and state DOTs analyze current travel patterns and justify, design and plan transit infrastructure like bike paths or vehicle charging stations. This is especially important as cities and communities continue to see changes in recreational travel behavior. Carbon data analysis platforms, such as CarbonFirst, can help clients look across their supply and value chains to find opportunities for carbon reduction on infrastructure projects.”
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Patrick King

As Vice President - Global Market Director, Transportation, Patrick King leads Jacobs' global transportation team providing end-to-end solutions that help our clients move people, goods, and freight over land, through the air, across the sea, underground, and even through mountains.

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