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Carbon decision making, transformed


Climate change is our generation’s greatest challenge and opportunity.

The world is building faster than ever, and the construction industry is responsible for 39% of all carbon emissions. 

So, how do we respond to this global challenge?

Carbon First is an award-winning platform that helps you identify strategic opportunities for reducing whole-life carbon in the early planning and design phases of infrastructure projects or portfolios.

It empowers users to act earlier on net-zero strategies by highlighting bespoke carbon reduction opportunities and helping you set accurate Key Performance Indicators. It runs and compares multiple options on a visual dashboard quickly and easily, empowering companies to act effectively on net-zero goals and regulatory requirements.

This digital innovation enables front-end loading in project planning, helping projects and portfolios be more successful and efficient across entire life cycles. Carbon First harnesses the highly respected Institute of Civil Engineer’s’ (ICE) Project 13 principles in infrastructure delivery, especially within digital transformation. These principles are designed to boost delivery productivity and certainty, improve whole-life outcomes, and support a more sustainable, innovative, highly skilled industry.

Carbon First offers extensive carbon data analysis

It can be re-run for any combination of schemes, options or design changes, and the interactive dashboard provides a variety of visual-based carbon baselines, reduction opportunities, and project comparisons. It provides robust optioneering capability across each life cycle stage at the click of a button.

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Here's how it works

  • Start your carbon accounting project

    Build it up quickly and effortlessly by choosing the key components. You don’t need a detailed design or bill of quantities to get started. The earlier Carbon First is used, the greater the carbon reduction potential.

  • Identify hotspots 

    The platform provides a high-level carbon baseline within a few minutes. You can then analyze the key hotspots across the whole project life cycle.

  • Define your strategy

    Finally, explore multiple life cycle scenarios in real time so you can start effective carbon reduction conversations throughout your supply chain. 

This is what you'll save

In its project applications to date, Carbon First has reduced carbon assessment time by up to 90% and has offered up to 50% of potential carbon savings across a project’s life cycle.*

The potential minimum carbon saving is 10% of a scheme. The carbon market price is currently a minimum of $11.55 (£10) per tonne, but that’s going to increase significantly in the next five years. If you expect 5,511.55 tons CO2e (5,000 tonnes of CO2e) in your project, you can save at least $57,750 (£50,000).

The earlier Carbon First is used, the greater your savings and the lower your costs.

*According to results achieved across several highway construction projects.

This is how it benefits you:

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    Highly visual and interactive:

    It’s a web-based, easy-to-use platform that provides visual outputs on an engaging dashboard so you can compare design options. 

  • CFTriangle02
    Fast working and comprehensive:

    Carbon First compares embodied and operational carbon impacts in minutes across a broad range of industry assets.

  • CFTriangle03
    Collaborative and immediate:

    By identifying carbon reduction opportunities in real time, it empowers meaningful dialogue with internal stakeholders and supply chains. 

  • CFTriangle04
    Versatile and iterative:

    Carbon First provides unlimited opportunities to explore and re-run carbon reduction scenarios covering your whole project or program cycle. 

  • CFTriangle05
    Acts early on net-zero and sustainability ambitions:

    Carbon First incorporates carbon as a powerful decision support metric at the earliest project stages to identify the best solution for a project, scheme or across a portfolio. 

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    Assists with regulatory and planning needs:

    By turning carbon into a tangible metric, it provides data for strategic and compliance needs.

  • Carbon_First_Winner_Badge_DCL22

    Most Innovative Sustainability Initiative in the Digital Construction Live Awards 2022

  • Carbon_First_Finalist_Badge_DCL22

    Most Innovative New Software Product in the Digital Construction Live Awards 2022

“Carbon First allowed the engineering team and me to begin to understand the carbon impacts of over ten options at the click of a button, suggesting alternatives and helping us to start the conversation about how to reduce the scheme's carbon footprint. ”

Tom Rogers

Environmental Impact Assessment Technical Director, Jacobs

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