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VetNet Employee Network: Charles Jackson’s Story

Finding a sense of belonging

Charles Jackson

As part of our Boldly Moving Forward Strategy, we’re focused on intentionally building deep, trusting relationships for our people and nurturing our inclusive culture, including in how we approach wellbeing. 

Wellbeing is foundational to everything we’re able to do and accomplish. We continually evaluate our wellbeing programs and benefits to best support our people – and we’re sharing stories of how these programs and tools are helping each of us individually be at our best, so we’re able to do more – together.

In this feature, we connected with Manager of Internal Communications & Engagement Charles Jackson to see how he found a sense of belonging with our VetNet employee network.

Featured benefit: 

VetNet Employee Network

What prompted you to take advantage of this benefit? 

As a transitioning veteran, one thing I knew I would miss about being an active-duty Marine was the camaraderie with my brother and sisters. Military training, deployments, and the face paced, physically demanding environments we operate in created some very deep bonds with a diverse group of individuals. I saw VetNet as an opportunity to network with people that would “get me!”

How did it help? 

Joining VetNet created some of the same opportunities for me to socialize in a safe place with colleagues with similar experiences and challenges and perform similar outreach activities in my community as I did in the military. VetNet also became a place to learn about more about the veteran-focused benefits Jacobs has to offer.

What did you like most? 

I really enjoy collaborating with members of the network, attracting more veteran talent to Jacobs and helping more veterans trying to get their footing in the civilian sector. What better place to do that than with an organization such as Jacobs that has a great culture and provides solutions that have a global impact.

Are you still part of the network?

Yes, and I am pleased to say that I was recently offered and accepted a role on the VetNet leadership team as a Communications Lead.

What do you want others to know? 

Starting a new career in an organization where you feel like you belong and have the skills and experience to make an impact is a challenge a lot of veterans I speak with have faced. The VetNet employee network at Jacobs is an invaluable resource and liaison for transitioning veterans. If you are a veteran, spouse of a veteran or grew up in a military home, or just want to join in the mission of helping our nations heroes reinvent themselves in the civilian sector – and have a blast doing it – consider joining VetNet.

“The VetNet employee network at Jacobs is an invaluable resource and liaison for transitioning veterans trying to reinvent themselves after military service.”

Charles Jackson

Charles Jackson

Manager of Internal Communications & Engagement and VetNet Communications Lead

Wellbeing at Jacobs


At Jacobs, the wellbeing of our people is fundamental to our success. When we’re each able to be well, our collective power is limitless.

A world where you can is only achievable when we’re each functioning at our highest abilities. We can’t be our true selves, get our work done, and develop and grow unless our ideal states of being are sustained. We embed wellbeing into all, so we’re able to deliver on our purpose – today and into the future.

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