Wellbeing at Jacobs

At Jacobs, the wellbeing of our people is fundamental to our success. When we’re each able to be well, our collective power is limitless.


Our vision

A world where you can is only achievable when we’re each functioning at our highest abilities. We can’t be our true selves, get our work done, and develop and grow unless our ideal states of being are sustained. We embed wellbeing into all, so we’re able to deliver on our purpose – today and into the future.

“Today, and especially at Jacobs, we want you to thrive and to help you do so, we focus on wellbeing in four areas: physical, emotional, financial and social. We provide you and your family resources because when we’re individually at our best, we can do more together.”

Shelie Gustafson

Shelie Gustafson

Jacobs Chief People & Inclusion Officer

Our approach to wellbeing

Wellbeing is realized when our bodies are functioning, our minds are steady, our finances are secure, and we’re supported by our networks and communities – so we’re each able to develop and grow.

We provide wellbeing programs and benefits to best support you and your families.

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    When you're at your best, we are too. We provide tools and programs to support you, your family and your safety.

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    Your mental wellbeing is essential. To keep your mind steady, we have various tools to support you – whether you’re looking for ongoing support or help in a crisis.

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    Your financial security and stability matter to us. We’re providing you with the resources you need to manage where you are today – and plan for the future.

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    We drive a sense of belonging through our Culture of Caring. Explore how you can design your career journey and contribute to your networks and communities.

Our stories

We're sharing stories of how our programs and tools are helping each of us individually be at our best, so we’re able to do more – together.

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