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News Jun 29, 2021

Top Trends from the First Year of our Giving and Volunteering Program, Collectively

Having surpassed one full year of Collectively, we’ve got a sneak peek for you into the top trends from the program’s first trip round the sun.

First Year of Collectively

Jacobs launched CollectivelySM on June 1, 2020. Not only did we launch the program to all 50,000 eligible users, but we also launched in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We trained 140 volunteers – our Collectively Ambassadors – before launch day, immersing them in the powers of the platform and equipping them with the tools to spread the word from within their local offices and through the eight Jacobs Employee Networks.

The Collectively Ambassadors foster a culture that connects Jacobs’ colleagues to their passions, all while upholding our approach to sustainability and demonstrating our global responsibility to make the world a better place for everyone. The network drives engagement and puts words into actions through development and promotion of giving and volunteering opportunities.

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Our people helped non-profits within their communities during a year unlike any other. Collectively, we donated $3 million to charities all around the world; donated and volunteered our time to 3,000 charities across 33 countries; and tracked 14,000 volunteer hours – both on and off company time.

“We have been so inspired not only by the trends from the data of Collectively’s first year, but also the stories we’ve heard along the way,” said PlanBeyond Engagement Manager and Collectively Program Manager, Jo Jeffreys. “From the data we can see the power that #OurJacobs family has through our collective action, generosity and kindness as we continue to influence positive change within our local communities all around the world.”

Giving & Volunteering Over Time

Giving Over Time

From Black History Month to Mental Health Month; International Women’s Day to Earth Day, we’ve come together to support the causes which truly matter to our people. Jacobs’ matching campaigns, curated by our Collectively Ambassadors, attracted 4,300 employees who wished to make a difference in the world, year-round. The matching campaigns were tied to key dates of global importance and aligned with our Employee Networks – and now, we have open matching, meaning that Jacobs will match employee donations to all of the eligible causes on Collectively, up to a set user cap each year.

Collectively witnessed an exponential increase in new users, donor generosity, and tracked volunteer hours throughout the “Giving Season” in December. Giving season was the first time Jacobs opened its doors to a month of open matching, with 2,500 employees – 1,500 of whom were brand new users – to donate a combined total (including Jacobs’ matching) of $658,000 to 1,600 charities all around the world.

#OurJacobs Top Volunteer of the year

In total, 485 Jacobs employees tracked over 14,000 hours of volunteering throughout the first year of Collectively. But no-one created as much quantifiable (and adorable!) impact as Ciara Murphy, Associate Director for Stakeholder Engagement & Communications and Collectively Office Ambassador for Cork, Ireland, who tracked a whopping 999 volunteer hours!

Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland

Ciara started volunteering for Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland (AADI) in April 2020, just as COVID-19 was initially escalating in many parts of the world. AADI is an Irish charity whose mission is to change the world for children with autism. Ciara fosters puppies in training, including full-time puppy care all the way to training in busy locations such as shopping centers and public transport. Ciara has volunteered her time to foster two puppies – one golden retriever, called Ceili, and a Labrador retriever, called Bo.

“It doesn’t feel like volunteering as I get as much out of it as the puppies but fostering plays a vital role in providing a solid foundation for AADI puppies before their formal training,” said Ciara. “It’s been a really rewarding and fluffy silver lining to my pandemic experience.”

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