News Oct 19, 2022

Jacobs Opens New Office in Belfast

New Belfast office provides collaborative space for local and international opportunities and to grow the future of Jacobs in Northern Ireland.

  • Outside view of Artola House - Jacobs Belfast office
  • People working in the Belfast office
  • Unveiling plaque at the Jacobs Belfast office
  • People working in the Belfast office
  • Unveiling plaque at the Jacobs Belfast office
  • Plaque at Jacobs Belfast office
  • People working in the Belfast office
  • Belfast Office J-mark

Our 85-strong Northern Ireland team has just moved into an exciting new office in Victoria Street, Belfast. The new location is home to our specialists across the water, environment and cities and places sectors.

For many years the team has supported both local and international projects — and with an increasing number of infrastructure opportunities emerging in Northern Ireland, we’re looking to grow the team. The new office provides a collaborative and engaging space allowing our people to work in the ways that suit them.

The team is working on projects like the Bolder Vision for Belfast to reimagine Belfast’s city center with Belfast City Council, the Department for Infrastructure and the Department for Communities, while in the Republic of Ireland we’re working with the National Transport Authority on the Dublin Bus Connects program to improve bus services in Dublin city.

In addition, we serve clients in the Health & Life Sciences and Data Centers markets in Ireland. For example, we delivered Edwards Lifesciences’ new Gold LEED-certified manufacturing facility outside Limerick – recipient of both a 2022 Irish Construction Excellence award and a 2022 Irish Building & Design award. Jacobs is also a partner to Host in Ireland, an organization that promotes Ireland as a center of data excellence.

Speaking about the office opening, Jacobs Vice President and Executive Sponsor of the Belfast Office Mitch Tunikowski says, “Opening the doors to our new Belfast office is an exciting move for Jacobs in Northern Ireland. It demonstrates our commitment to the city, our clients, our people and local communities. In a hybrid world it’s still vital we create physical spaces that encourage collaboration. This allows us to continually push the boundaries and develop innovative solutions to the challenges we’re all facing.”

The Belfast office has an active team, winning the 2021 Sustrans Northern Ireland Active Travel Challenge, recognizing the time they spent walking, cycling and taking public transport for a month. With this in mind, the new office has included bike racks and shower facilities to continue encouraging employees to travel actively into the office.

The new Belfast office officially opened its doors on October 13, 2022, marked by a celebration event bringing together employees, clients and local communities.