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News Nov 20, 2020

Jacobs Initiates Strategic Partnership to Advance Gender Diversity in the Operations and Maintenance Industry

Our team is partnering with Daughters of Rosie to recruit and retain skilled, qualified female operators and technicians for our projects.

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In line with Jacobs’ Action Plan for Advancing Justice and Equality, our Operations Management and Facilities Services (OMFS) team has initiated a partnership with Daughters of Rosie to increase gender diversity in the operations and maintenance (O&M) industry.

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Daughters of Rosie is a for-profit organization that helps growing companies attract, hire and retain diverse teams. Historically, the Daughters of Rosie has focused on placing women in manufacturing environments, but through this partnership, the organization will help source female entry-level candidates in the O&M space.

As the O&M industry becomes more diverse, attracting women who may not have considered a career in the industry is key. The partnership with Daughters of Rosie will bring a new source of well-screened candidates looking for a career and not just a job to our team. Specifically, the partnership will better enable women to explore positions with growth potential in O&M that highlight their relevant skills and aptitude, and ultimately develop a meaningful career path at Jacobs.

“There are so many incredible people out there with all the aptitude and passion they need to be successful in hands-on industries, but they don’t know which opportunities are the right match,” said Daughters of Rosie CEO Danielle Applestone. “We find this talent and help them understand how their skills apply to new industries, unlocking a talent pipeline that is 85% female-identifying and over 50% underrepresented minority.”

“It was clear from our discussions with the Daughters of Rosie that they share our vision of inclusion and diversity. At Jacobs, we aim to drive industry-wide change and create a more connected and inclusive world,” shares Jacobs Vice President, Global Operations Management and Facilities Services Steve Meininger. “And to do so, we remain focused on attracting, developing and nurturing the next generation of women employees and leaders. We recognize the value that diversity brings to our teams and clients, and a partnership like this will help drive profitable growth for Jacobs and our clients, increase innovation, establish a more engaged workforce and so much more.”

The program will be piloted in Atlanta due to our diverse project footprint in Georgia. As it progresses, the program will be implemented in other areas with large candidate pools. You can learn more about Daughters of Rosie here.

Jacobs’ OMFS practice has delivered O&M services in government and industry for 40 years. The OMFS practice serves public agencies and private industry at more than 300 facility locations throughout North America and internationally, delivering water and wastewater utility operations and maintenance, facilities management, public works and municipal services.