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Meet Steve Meininger

Meet Steve Meininger

In 1993, Steve was wrapping up the final year of his master’s at Clemson University.

That September, he began his career with Jacobs (then CH2M) as a project manager and lead process engineer for CH2M’s industrial process group, focusing on the design, implementation and execution of industrial wastewater treatment projects for clients in the chemical processing, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

So what made Steve pursue the glamorous world of water and wastewater treatment? His interest in water and wastewater treatment spurred from seeing the full lifecycle of his projects and the personal impact he had on the outcomes.

“When you see what it starts as and ends up as, it is pretty incredible,” Steve says. “The water coming out of wastewater treatment plants is actually cleaner than that going into many water treatment plants.”

“Passionately pursuing life with an abundance mentality where you visualize positive outcomes and work relentlessly as a team to achieve them.”

Steve Meininger

Steve Meininger

Vice President, Global Operations Management and Facilities Services, Jacobs

Over the next 25 years, Steve worked in both the consulting and O&M sides of the business. He worked as a project manager responsible for delivering wastewater treatment and remedial O&M services to one of CH2M’s largest customers before being appointed as regional business manager responsible for delivering multiple industrial projects. Later, he spent six years as a vice president responsible for global industrial, federal and technical services group projects and municipal projects in the northeastern United States.

Currently serving as Vice President, Global Operations Management and Facilities Services at Jacobs, Steve leads operations, maintenance and related technical and advisory services delivered for clients at more than 300 sites. The OMFS practice is comprised of 2,500 staff who provide operations and maintenance for water and wastewater utilities, buildings and industrial facilities, public works and municipal infrastructure throughout North America and in several international locations.

A passion for water and wastewater has led Steve beyond the field. Steve is active in the industry and nonprofit community. Steve currently serves on the board of the National Association of Water Companies, where he is the Chair of the Contract Operations Committee, and the Leadership Council for Water For People. In addition, he is a long-term member of the Water Environment Federation and the American Society of Civil Engineers.

In 2014, Steve was part of Water For People’s Impact Tour in Peru and was able to see the beneficial work being done firsthand. Steve traveled to see a small water treatment system in La Cienega, which only served 95 families; however, for these families, having access to water and sanitation was monumental.

“As a lifer, I’ve long been aware and supportive of the company’s efforts on behalf of Water For People," Steve reflects. "But it wasn’t until becoming co-chair of the workplace giving campaign that I began to truly understand the difference Water For People makes in laying the foundation for better lives by driving holistic programs to provide drinking water and sanitation to targeted, under-served regions.”

  • 2017

    to 2018 Water For People Kenneth J. Miller Founders' Award Winner

  • 100 +

    triathlons competed in and represented Team USA at the ITU World Championship in Germany

  • 1

    Virginia Tech Outstanding Young Alumni Award

  • 25 +

    years as an avid crabber living near Chesapeake Bay, reinforcing a love for being around water