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News Jan 27, 2023

Jacobs Establishes Cyber Engineering Scholarships and Fellowships in Engineering

Attracting the next-generation of cyber and intelligence professionals

Texas A&M University scholarship

The demand for cyber engineering and cybersecurity has grown significantly in an ever-evolving world where technology is becoming more complicated and integral. We’re responding to this growing demand with the establishment of a TogetherBeyond Scholarship with the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University. These scholarships are geared toward members of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) with a major in cyber engineering.

Six Jacobs Cybersecurity Undergraduate Scholarships and five Jacobs Cybersecurity Graduate Fellowships have been awarded at Texas A&M University in line with our commitment to advancing the education of diverse young engineers.

Jacobs Chief Executive Officer Bob Pragada has served as an executive sponsor for Texas A&M University in partnership with many Jacobs Aggie alums.

“At Jacobs, we have an unparalleled focus on inclusion, with a diverse team of visionaries, thinkers and doers,” Bob shares. “With these scholarships, it is exciting to support the education of the next generation of leaders in cybersecurity.”

The essential values of Texas A&M University, which include quality, honesty, leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service, are firmly linked with our own – and we proudly now have more than 500 Aggies as part of our Jacobs team globally.

“Our mission at Jacobs is to create an environment where diverse employees want to join, where they feel they belong and where they will thrive,” says Jacobs Vice President of Strategic Project Development Steve Clarke. “We have also identified a critical need to support our cyber and intelligence business and believe these scholarships would drive value through an integrated partnership with the College of Engineering and Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering’s cyber program.”

 At Jacobs, we understand that ‘inclusion’ is a verb, not a noun. It means being transparent and acting on our statements, commitments and initiatives that drive meaningful, measurable change both in our company and in the communities that we serve. As part of our Action Plan for Advancing Justice and Equality, Jacobs aims to be the employer of choice to recruit and collaborate with partners like Texas A&M to graduate underrepresented communities.

For this crucial effort, we’re proud to continue our association with Texas A&M, the College of Engineering and their amazing talent pool.

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