News Dec 15, 2022

Investing in the Next Generation of Innovators and Explorers

Jacobs provides expertise, engagement and a $200,000 commitment to continue advancing diversity and equality around the world and across the universe.

Drake State donation

Building habitats on the moon, Mars and beyond used to sound like science fiction. Through our partnership with Drake State Community and Technical College in Huntsville, Ala., students are building the skills and experience to make this a reality.

Our partnership with Drake State began in 2020 when the historically black college or university (HBCU) created the Frontiers Research Program in partnership with NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. The Frontiers research interns work on a variety of additive manufacturing projects that help NASA advance lunar habitat design and manufacturing.

Today, we’re engaged at every level of the Frontiers program, from serving on the Board of Directors to developing curriculum with faculty and providing development opportunities for students. As NASA’s largest service provider, Jacobs has been the Prime Contractor on the Engineering, Science, and Technology contract at Marshall Space Flight Center since 1989 and has supported NASA since 1950.

“With the Frontiers Research Program, Jacobs is helping students develop high-demand, cutting-edge skills that can give them a head start in their careers. The mentoring program also helps students develop relationships to support them through their academic and professional careers,” says Jacobs Space Exploration Group VP and Program Manager Jeff Haars. “With the passion, dedication and talent I’ve seen from these students, this program is creating a robust pipeline of highly qualified technicians who will help clients like NASA continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible today and tomorrow.

On Nov. 3, 2022, our EVP and President of Critical Mission Solutions Steve Arnette presented Drake’s Frontiers Research Program with a $200,000 donation, funded by a grant from the company’s Action Plan for Advancing Justice and Equality. The gift will establish the Jacobs TogetherBeyond and Harambee Scholars Fund, which will primarily support the college’s Additive Construction curriculum for commercial and space habitat development.

“We’re creating change within our community by providing solutions to diversify the workforce,” says Drake State President Dr. Patricia Sims. “The Jacobs TogetherBeyond and Harambee Scholars Fund will support our additive manufacturing curriculum and help students develop the necessary skills to complete their associate degrees that could lead to potential internship and full-time job opportunities with Jacobs.”