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Our combined cyber & intelligence footprint allows us to become true enablers for delivering the next generation solutions into joint all-domain and critical infrastructure operations for mission-critical clients giving them the information advantage

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Cyber: Service offerings focused on an information environment that includes assets such as networks, technology, infrastructure and data.

Intelligence: Service offerings focused on all-source intelligence, space/counterspace, geospatial, counterintelligence and counter-terrorism.

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Our cyber & intelligence offerings

We offer the most advanced, integrated approach to cyber, security and intelligence:

Cyber operations

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When it comes to cyber operations, we cover offensive cyberspace operations that deliver capabilities research and development, operations support and intel analysis and defensive cyberspace operations and training focused on capabilities development, secure mobile communication and software and hardware security engineering.

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Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)

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Jacobs provides advanced solutions for collecting, processing, exploiting and disseminating geospatial intelligence using these collection systems:

  • Imaging systems delivering the highest quality images—starting with image capture all the way through processing.
  • Radar systems as software-reconfigurable sensors, readily adaptable to diverse missions and a wide range of aircraft and ground vehicles.
  • Precision geo-location products ranging from body-worn and handheld tools to industry-leading rack-mounted airborne systems, supported by the full scope of integration, customization, training and operations support.
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Mission IT & analytics

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If you’re in the Intelligence Community or Department of Defense, you can count on Jacobs to provide operations and analysis services for your classified missions, systems and facilities designed to collect, analyze, process and use products of various intelligence sources. In addition to our flight operations support contracts, we also develop and integrate collection and analysis systems and techniques to support strategic and tactical intelligence systems, networks and facilities. 

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How we can help

  • Readiness

    Preparing your people, process and technologies to withstand adversary advances and remain ready throughout the contested domains. 

    We train over 1,000 government officials annually on offensive and defensive cyber techniques. The “front line” leaders for the Intelligence and DoD communities. We train over 2,000 government officials annually on defensive cyber-crime techniques (incident response, forensic analysis, network traffic correlation). The “first responders” to major DoD cybercrime events. We offer cyber resiliency to safeguard critical infrastructure sector, including providing cyber solutions for Operational Technology (OT) aligned with critical infrastructure sectors (water, energy, transportation, nuclear, health) by conducting OT assessments and advisory consulting.

  • Operations

    Delivering proactive and reactive mission-tailored operations. 

    We deploy threat hunt teams across multiple communities to proactively and interactively search through networks to detect and isolate advanced threats on a 24x7 basis. We operate and manage security operations centers for a number of federal clients managing over 1 billion events annually (500K daily). We provide cyber & intelligence assets to support real world mission operations. We manage and operate one of the world’s largest, highly secured network enterprises supporting 800 locations globally.

  • Insights

    Providing data centric solutions that create key insights and transform data into actionable intelligence. 

    We have over 1,500 All Source / Multi Intelligence Fusion analysts supporting 12 of the 18 intelligence agencies. Our team also includes over 300 analysts utilizing advanced analytics (full motion video, advanced targeting) biometrics & identify intelligence, open source intelligence & PAI analysis. We support intelligence operation centers and provide daily briefings to the highest-level government officials on global and domestic terrorism, cyber-crime and geospatial activities.

Our cyber & intelligence team by the numbers

  • 3 K+

    government officials trained on offensive and defensive cyber and cyber crime techniques

  • 500 K

    daily security events managed by our operations centers

  • 300

    data scientists using advanced analytics to solve our customer's toughest challenges

  • 800

    global locations supported by our highly-secured network enterprise

  • 1.5 K

    all source/multi intelligence fusion analysts


Our legacy

We continue to grow through strategic M&A, focusing on people, capabilities, customers, contract vehicles and past performance.

Timeline of Jacobs' contract vehicles.

Our customers

We serve customers in the U.S. civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies.

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Meet our General Manager

Gwen Clavon

Even as a child, she had a passion for computers and technology.

Gwen Clavon will tell you she was one of those kids who was constantly taking things apart to understand how they worked, which eventually led her to daisy chaining together her first computer set-up from various machines because she needed more storage space. Naturally, she pursued computer science among her college coursework, but she also studied political science, which allowed her to combine two great passions – technology and security.

Today, she leads Jacobs’ Cyber & Intelligence Solutions business unit, where all of the disciplines she has acquired along the way come together in one world-class vocation.

“I can see myself in every aspect of this business, including sitting on the customer side, supporting the Department of Defense and the Intelligence community, and supporting technologists, program managers and project managers,” says Gwen. “I’ve thought to myself, there’s no better way to come into an organization that's focused on disruption, innovation and technology than to be in the position where I've touched every aspect of the business from some level throughout my career.”

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