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Mission Solutions: Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs' aerospace and defense sector is poised to be the global leader in defense development, space technology, and innovation. As a major contractor in the area, Jacobs Critical Mission Solutions delivers innovative solutions for U.S. Government and commercial customers, driving added value while enabling its clients' most critical missions.

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Colorado Springs, situated at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, is a vibrant city known for its stunning natural beauty, outdoor activities, and strong military and aerospace presence. The city is poised to be the global leader in defense development, space technology, and innovation.

According to the Colorado Springs Chamber & Economic Development Corporation (EDC), Colorado has the largest private aerospace economy per capita in the United States (U.S.), with more than 240,000 workers in the state’s aerospace industry. In Colorado Springs alone, more than 250 companies provide advanced technologies in national defense, global positioning systems, cybersecurity, and satellite communications. The city's strategic location and vital military installations make it a crucial hub for national defense, including the United States Air Force Academy, Peterson Space Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station, Schriever Space Force Base, and Fort Carson, which are pivotal in defense, training, and operations. It’s also home to U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM), U.S. Space Command (USSPACECOM), and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), which are vital entities ensuring the defense of North America.

Its geographical location provides strategic advantages for national security operations, training, and innovation due to its proximity to other key military installations, transportation access, and relatively central location within the United States.

As a major contractor in Colorado Springs, Jacobs Critical Mission Solutions delivers innovative operations and maintenance (O&M) solutions for an expanding portfolio of U.S. government and commercial customers, driving added value while enabling its clients' most critical missions.

Protecting our nation's most critical assets

  • IRES
    Missile Defense Agency (MDA)

    Built to handle the dynamic and evolving needs of missile defense, the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) supports research and development, system-level test and evaluation, and operational training for U.S. Combatant Commands. The agency is responsible for developing, testing, and fielding a layered Missile Defense System (MDS) to protect the U.S. and its allies against evolving and complex missile threats.

    Jacobs delivers integrated product and service solutions supporting concurrent MDA tests, training, and operations on the Integrated Research and Development for Enterprise Solutions (IRES) contract.  Beyond the enterprise support to MDA, Jacobs delivers innovative operations, maintenance, and sustainment solutions, as well as IT, cybersecurity, and telecommunication solutions for the Agency’s enterprise communications and information technology environment to help secure and protect our nation.

    IRES provides 24/7 support to the Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center (MDIOC) on Schriever Space Force Base – a key Missile Defense System (MDS) component – and other locations such as the Von Braun Complex on Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, and Washington D.C.

  • JNOG
    U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)

    Playing a critical role in Colorado Springs, USNORTHCOM and NORAD jointly developed space mapping, surveillance, and early threat detection and mitigation strategies for North America. This work is performed primarily at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex and Peterson Space Force Base. 

    Since 2020, Jacobs, through the Integrated Tactical Warning/Attack Assessment (ITW/AA) and Space Support Contract II (NISSC II), has provided: 

    • Operations, maintenance, and sustainment of current and legacy systems for the surveillance and cataloging of manmade objects in space.
    • Mitigation of orbital conflicts.  
    • Threat warnings and control from airborne, land-based, and space-based systems for threat activities.
    • Operations and maintenance of classified communications.
    • Software development and integration.

    This early warning detection system allows for timely responses to potential threats. This work directly supports USSPACECOM, USNORTHCOM, and NORAD and provides critical information to various Commands to direct and control the air defense systems in North America, ensuring airspace protection.  

Our people

Did you know?

  • $ 7 B

    aerospace & defense economic impact annually

  • 5

    military installations in Colorado Springs

  • 9

    of the nation’s top aerospace contractors and some of the world’s best universities for aerospace engineering are in Colorado

  • 50 K+

    local veteran population

  • 70 K+

    military labor force provides a highly skilled workforce pipeline supporting sector companies

Jacobs’ teams protect our nation’s most coveted assets and critical defense missions.

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