Q&A Apr 29, 2024

A Journey of Learning and Growth Together: A Q&A with Nikita Sutton

Earned Value Financial Analyst Nikita Sutton shares her journey utilizing the Skillbridge program to transition from the military to a career with Jacobs

Q&A with Nikita Sutton Earned Value Financial Analyst Jacobs Missile Defense Group

Earned Value Financial Analyst Nikita Sutton  spent nine years in the Air Force and joined Jacobs as an intern through the Department of Defense (DoD) SkillBridge program, where she transitioned from financial management and program analysis to project management. 

We sat down with Nikita to talk about her career journey and what she’s up to today.

Tell us about your role and what you are most passionate about.

In my current position as earned value financial analyst, my primary responsibility is to analyze and manage financial data. What truly excites me in this role is the process of data analysis. While some might find it mundane, I find it incredibly rewarding. It's like solving a complex puzzle made entirely of numbers, where every data point is a crucial piece. If even a single piece doesn't fit, it can disrupt the entire picture. It's a constant motivation to strive for precision and excellence.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

I take immense pride in several accomplishments throughout my career and life. One of my proudest achievements is successfully transitioning from military service to civilian life. This shift required careful planning and perseverance, and I'm delighted to have navigated it successfully. Being chosen for the SkillBridge program and transitioning into a fulfilling career with Jacobs, where I can positively impact my professional community, has been a career highlight.

Why did you choose the SkillBridge Program?

I was genuinely nervous about leaving active duty and began my career search six months before my separation date. It's not easy to find companies willing to hire individuals who won't be available for immediate employment. However, Jacobs stood out by offering me an intern position through the SkillBridge program. The opportunity came with the assurance of a job at the program's conclusion, which was an unexpected blessing! Jacobs made it a reality. Their commitment to facilitating my transition was invaluable, and I am immensely thankful for that. 

How has your current role evolved since you joined Jacobs?

I've experienced substantial personal and professional growth. As I've immersed myself in this role, I've acquired a wealth of knowledge and skills. With each new lesson learned, I've gained greater confidence in my abilities, which has allowed me to be more proactive in suggesting process improvements and open to new challenges. 

What advice would you give to a transitioning service member?

To utilize the Skillbridge program, begin your research and preparations well in advance. It's a valuable opportunity; anyone eligible for it should consider taking advantage of it. Ensure you understand the application process and the companies that participate.

It's crucial to have contingency plans. Prepare Plan A, Plan B, and even a Plan C to ensure you're ready to transition smoothly and can adapt to various situations that may arise. Thinking ahead to the possible and even seemingly 'impossible' scenarios can be immensely beneficial.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the Jacobs Missile Defense Group?

What I enjoy most is the incredible team I work with. The Earned Value (EV) team is composed of exceptionally talented individuals who consistently demonstrate a willingness to collaborate, share their knowledge, and support each other in reaching our collective goals. I hold immense respect and appreciation for all my colleagues who have made this experience professionally rewarding and personally fulfilling.

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