Mission IT & Analytics

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Analysis & operations

A fast, effective approach for actionable intelligence

If you’re in the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense, you can count on Jacobs to provide operations and analysis services for your classified missions, systems and facilities designed to collect, analyze, process and use products of various intelligence sources.

In addition to our flight operations support contracts, we also develop and integrate collection and analysis systems and techniques to support strategic and tactical intelligence systems, networks and facilities. Some of our intelligence-related services include the design, rapid development and prototyping, integration and management of real-time signal processing systems.

We also support the development and application of analytical techniques for counter-intelligence operations and activities and we provide experienced and knowledgeable intelligence analysts whose expertise spans the entire intelligence process. In addition to our significant capability in cyber intelligence, Jacobs analysts support a wide array of intelligence analysis activities across the broader Intelligence Community.

What’s more, our intelligence practice is built on the same spirit of innovation you’ll find across all of our capability domains. From building better tradecraft, to employing–and developing–state-of-the-art tools to enabling a faster and better approach for actionable intelligence, our analysts deliver rigor in tradecraft and thought leadership to advance tradecraft for the future.

  • Agile software development and DevOps experts building, deploying and sustaining solutions on multiple cloud platforms.
  • A standard, secure application hosting environment, with modernized, modular software to deliver mission solutions.
  • An engineering focus and recognized track record in data sharing while solving the toughest analytic and data management problems.
  • Data science: discovery, transformation and analysis with a proven, adaptable approach.
  • Data management and security solutions developed by data scientists who understand the complexities of handling and sharing sensitive data.
  • Cloud infrastructure and engineering using software as a service and infrastructure as a service model to provide universal accessibility and improved manageability.
  • Intelligence analysis support including:
    • Signals Intelligence
    • Open Source Intelligence
    • Counterterrorism
    • Cyber Threat Analysis
    • Counterintelligence
    • Human Terrain
    • All-Source Analysis
    • System Engineering Analysis
    • Document and Material Exploitation
    • Imagery Intelligence

Solve your toughest analytic and data management problems in record time

Data is one of your greatest assets – and unlocking its value comes through effective analysis, which leverages advanced tools for collecting, transforming, analyzing, and synthesizing data into actionable information when you need it. Jacobs understands the importance of receiving actionable information that can be trusted and cost effective.

A proven, adaptable approach

Jacobs continuously analyzes emerging trends in cloud technologies to assess performance, security and costs because we know that your organization expects you to adapt to changing mission requirements while ensuring reliability, security and compliance. Our team of engineers designs and implements cloud solutions tailored to meet your needs. Whether you need to make sense of vast amounts of data, or are searching for an end-to-end, scalable cloud solution, we can navigate the landscape of cloud service providers, commercial vendors and open-source software to develop and deliver high-quality, on-time, cost-effective solutions.

Benefits for our customers

  • Gain the most current approaches and capabilities driven by advanced research and development
  • Collaborate with our teams and our strong networks with academia and commercial product and service providers to ensure the best solutions for your needs
  • Receive the best, most innovative solutions – not just the first solution – to hard problems

Cloud infrastructure & engineering

Cloud engineering solutions powered by a robust roster of as-a-service options

Jacobs has designed hundreds of systems, spanning the range of performance and space requirements, whether it needs to fit in a backpack or fill a data center. We provide cloud engineering services using Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) models to provide universal accessibility and improved manageability. We implement systems that allow access, analysis and processing of extraordinarily large data sets. 

“Anything” as a Service – Offers a “Cloud provider neutral” engineering perspective when architecting, designing and implementing solutions.

Hardware to Containers – Agile ability to work on large-scale distrusted environments at the bare-metal layer or abstract up and deploy/manage micro services within container orchestration frameworks.

Data discovery, transformation & analysis

End-to-end services to ensure data becomes actionable insights

Understanding and characterizing your data is the first step to transform noise into knowledge. Jacobs provides end-to-end services to make sure your data is discoverable and consumable by advanced data analytics that result in actionable insights.

Our services and solutions:

  • Customer prototypes that monitor and harvest network traffic and execute cloud-based analytics in support of pattern analysis.
  • Advanced data analytics, automated transformations, cloud elasticity and business metrics/analytics.
  • Streamlined content curation process that automates multi-source content harvesting and language translation unlocking what’s relevant and providing you with a customizable experience.

Applying context to data results in informed decision-making

Access and discovery – Design, integrate and implement distributed storage and computation frameworks to efficiently and effectively leverage commodity hardware and cloud infrastructure technologies.

Analytics and data science – Manipulate and transform data to generate actionable insights from large pools of data.

Flow and governance – Acquire, transform, enrich and deliver data to and from any source, while maintaining the integrity and quality of data.

Presentation – Combine open-source software, commercial off-the-shelf and in-house technologies to organize and display data to end-users.

Data management & security

Data management that stands up to the complexities of modern data demands

Cloud solutions depend on networks, data-flow components, servers, file systems, storage systems, databases and multiple open-source components. All of this must be managed, controlled, operated, monitored and analyzed using an in-depth understanding of how it all functions together. Jacobs understands the complexities of handling and sharing your sensitive data, which is essential to designing and implementing your data architecture, as well as the policies and procedures required to manage the full data lifecycle. Our cloud monitoring solutions provide analytics that combine collected information and system knowledge to pinpoint problems and provide real-time notification. Jacobs is well versed in the latest security technologies and can leverage this knowledge to provide secure and reliable systems and applications.

Visibility of critical systems and operational status across the eenterprise

Jacobs implements health and status solutions that monitor critical aspects of system and application reliability and alert in near real time. Our systems engineering teams design and implement automated end-to-end data flows in support of shared situational awareness across the enterprise.

Configuration Management – Design and implement solutions that offer automated software delivery and installation; provide coordination control and change management services for distributed applications that are critical to maintaining a secure operating environment.

Orchestration Services to rapidly deploy and manage applications in large-scale distributed environments, while maintaining system integrity and security.

Metrics and Monitoring – Combine analytics with system knowledge and component measurements to pinpoint problems and issue alerts in near real time to support your knowledge-based decisions; single window view across networks, data-flows and server clusters.