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Water for Industry: Transformation Beyond COVID-19

Water for industry webinar cover slide

water for industry webinar cover slide

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Water for industrial uses represents almost twenty percent of global water demand according to the UN World Water Development Report, 2021. In this panel discussion, we will explore three industrial markets that experienced major impacts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and have been transformed for the recovery and beyond: Life Sciences / Pharmaceuticals, Data Centers and Forest Products.

For each of these markets we will review the state of the market, how water is used and the impacts to business decisions resulting from water scarcity and changing environmental regulations.


  • Robert Thompson, Jacobs Global Director – Industrial Water Solutions


  • Joe Rozza, Jacobs Director – Sustainability & Resilience
  • Carlo Bonicelli, Jacobs Regional Solutions Leader – Europe, Industrial Water
  • Chandra Mysore, Jacobs Regional Solutions Leader – U.S. South, Drinking Water & Reuse