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Reservoirs Underpinning Civilization: Challenges and Solutions in Managing Reservoir Safety

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Dams and their impounded water storage reservoirs provide immense public benefits, including water supply, sustainable energy sources through hydroelectric power generation and flood risk reduction. With dam and reservoir operation and maintenance, it is often necessary to adapt to challenges brought about by changes in legislative requirements, engineering standards, climate and other natural hazards and public attitudes toward risk, as well as aging infrastructure. In this webinar you’ll learn how two owners approach dam safety and how Jacobs is working with them, and around the globe, to manage risks and public safety of existing reservoirs through organizational awareness, surveillance programs, maintenance and periodic upgrades.


  • Mark Zinniker, Generation Engineering Supervisor for the Eugene Water & Electric Board shares challenges related to a new 40-year Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license such as fish passage, seismic risks, flood risks and impacts of climate change.
  • Nason McCullough, Jacobs U.S. Regional Technology Leader for Dams discusses the implementation of retrofit and upgrade strategy to address FERC license requirements, including standards and requirements for fish passage, seismic stability and work adjacent to an existing high-hazard dam.
  • Stephen Naylor, Reservoir Safety Manager for Environment Agency South East England discusses challenges in delivering the ongoing safety of a portfolio of flood storage reservoirs.
  • Andy Courtnadge, Jacobs U.K. Discipline Lead for Dams gives examples of changes to U.K. engineering standards in response to dam safety incidents, ongoing research and the move towards more risk-based approaches. He also provides examples of how to manage reservoir safety issues, staff training, succession planning and consistency.


  • Alan Brown, Jacobs Global Technology Lead for Dams