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Trends & Directions Webcasts

Cybersecurity: Systems, Sensors and Strategy

In this video, we discuss cybersecurity maturity, industrial control systems, data breaches, network access control, the Internet of Things and more with Susan Howard, Director, Federal ICS Cybersecurity, Jacobs; Eric Conway, Technical Director, Cybersecurity, Jacobs; and Dean G. Hullings, Global Defense Solutions Strategist, Forescout.
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Cybersecurity: Systems, Sensors and Strategy

Infectious Diseases, Emergency Preparedness and Health System Resilience

Infectious Diseases webcast

In this exclusive interview, we spoke with healthcare experts Dr. Nino Kharaishvili and Dr. David Franz about a variety of topics, such as how COVID-19 compares to other epidemics and pandemics; what are the best practices for emergency preparedness; what are the most pressing challenges with regards to pandemic preparedness that are not receiving enough attention; how the current pandemic may change the way that healthcare systems respond to future pandemics; and many others.
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Health Service in the U.S. Post-

Health Service in the US Post-COVID-19

In this episode, our guests Dina Salvaggio (Jacobs Principal of Healthcare Consulting, APG) and Donn Sorensen (Executive Vice President of Operations, Mercy Health Ministry) discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the American healthcare system, in such areas as workforce challenges, financial ramifications, and the evolving role of virtual medicine and technology.
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Maintaining Occupant Safety After Long-Term Building Closures: Air and Water Quality Considerations

Occupant Safety

This video. featuring Jesus Garcia Aleman, Global Surface Water Technology Leader, and Charles Funk, Global Building Systems Solutions Director, focuses on both water and air quality issues within buildings - a topic not only relevant to building owners and property managers, but to returning occupants.
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Hydrogen Hurdles – Breaking Down Commercial Barriers to a Decarbonized Future

Hydrogen Hurdles

In this video we discuss the unique role that water utilities could play in hydrogen production with Simon Prunster, Energy & Emissions Specialist at Yarra Valley Water, Michelle Freund, Senior Economist at Jacobs, and Henry Swisher, Energy Markets Consultant at Jacobs.
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