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Test SLATE is Jacobs' comprehensive, easy-to-use test control and measurement process management application, ideal for testing virtually any product under a variety of environmental and product conditions. It is the ideal application for a wide range of testing environments, including aerodynamic or climatic wind tunnels, component test stands, automotive test facilities, aircraft engine test facilities, structural test stands, manufacturing validation test stands, and more.

Test facilities face a growing need to provide larger quantity and higher quality test data and improve testing capabilities in the face of fewer resources. In the past, that has meant replacing test software at considerable capital expense. Test SLATE offers an affordable, customizable, and hardware-neutral system.

This Windows®-based, drag-and-drop software does not need specialized training, yet it is powerful enough to control even the most complex test and measurement processes, including taking thousands of measurements simultaneously.

Using Test SLATE, you can quickly and intuitively create a custom data acquisition and test automation program without programming skills, while seamlessly integrating old and new hardware – even custom legacy components.

API capability

Starting in 2012, Test SLATE added an Application Programmers Interface (API) to its list of capabilities. The API provides the options for users to freely modify custom plug-ins developed by Jacobs as well as to create new custom plug-ins that are compatible with the COTS portion of Test SLATE. The API provides a template out-of-the box with examples and an easy-to-follow method to create their own plug-ins.  Plug-ins can be created to communicate with new hardware, create a custom display plug-in based on user preferences, add a calibration component, or really anything the user could decide to create.

Meeting critical needs and challenges

A versatile, easy-to-use test and measurement process management application, Jacobs' Test SLATE is ideally suited for a wide range of testing environments -- in markets ranging from automotive to aerospace, as well as multi-market applications such as component or engine testing.

Test SLATE has been integrated into testing facilities and laboratories across the globe. Its easily configured test automation and data acquisition capabilities have made it an ideal choice for the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Test SLATE is always adding new features and continues to support legacy clients that haven’t moved to the latest Test SLATE version or Windows operating system. Test SLATE is currently investigating the Windows 11 operating system and planning a Windows 11 compatible version to be released in 2023.

Build complex automated tests quickly

Test automation configuration has never been easier. Jacobs' Test SLATE enables you to build complex test sequences quickly and easily for automated or manual operation. The features and functions of Test SLATE are configurable, giving you the power to create a sophisticated test system tailored to your specific needs. The application programming interface (API) even allows you to create your own customized plug-ins.

Test SLATE has a host of interactive user controls and display windows for diagnostics, reports, plots, initialization forms, message logging, control loops, and more. The interface is completely customizable with dockable windows.  As a completely Windows®-based product, this highly flexible test measurement and control software requires no proprietary hardware and works with nearly any control or measurement device or system, regardless of make or model. Test SLATE’s custom displays allows users the ability to define their own custom displays with an array of easy-to-use widgets making Test SLATE work to the users’ preferences.

Test SLATE's integrated productivity tools enable the user to quickly configure utilities and perform end-to-end calibrations for any I/O channel as well as easily store and share test data with the project team.

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