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Introducing Alluvial, a cloud-based hosting and insights platform developed by Jacobs to securely publish and share data and digital solutions across our company and with our clients.

Alluvial provides clients data and analytics at the speed of light – and we’ve already used this solution on more than 500 projects across our business. Alluvial, noted for its ability to securely share insights and vital data, creates a personalized dashboard for each client, allowing them to quickly compare past and present analytics.

This process is also automated, allowing the team to focus on other tasks instead of manually generating reports, saving the project time and reducing the chances for errors when manually handling large amounts of data.

Alluvial enhances collaboration with a unified platform that streamlines communication and simplifies access to essential resources. The platform fosters real-time collaboration while ensuring data security and flexibility. Reducing complexity with cloud technology, it ensures robust data management, discreet security, and painless digital solution hosting. This trailblazing platform fosters seamless collaboration and workflows, empowering success in a data-driven world.

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Key benefits

  • Shares data securely

    Create and share dashboards with teammates and clients, including PowerBI, R-Shiny, Streamlit, Dash, Plotly, EVS and more.

  • Produces deeper, more valuable insights

    Develop insights, dashboards and reporting solutions, hosted on Alluvial and connect other data sources directly to Alluvial to blend and enrich.

  • Enhance external workflow

    Alluvial dashboard and data insights can be accessed for use in external applications and workflows.

Key features

  • Dashboard and application hosting

    • Power BI Reports
    • Secure Containerized Apps
    • 3D/4D/5D Models
  • Data hosting and sharing
  • Data Lake Storage
  • Security with client access
  • Integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Alluvial SIFT

Alluvial SIFT

Experience a new era of project management with Alluvial SIFT, a powerful tool offering a versatile and customizable user experience that allows you to effortlessly combine Building Information Model (BIM) data with external information.

Learn more about Alluvial SIFT

“It’s been incredible to be able to put insights at the fingertips of our clients, and it’s exciting to see how platforms like Alluvial will play a vital role in our Data Solutions growth accelerator supporting our Boldly Moving Forward Strategy. This product has created a canvas for our technical experts and professionals that we didn’t have before.”

Alex Mahrou

Alex Mahrou

Jacobs Product Manager

Accelerating data sharing

  • 500 +

    project applications to date

  • 200 +

    clients using Alluvial to date

Alluvial drives insights across these organizations

  • AJM Joint Venture
  • Commander Navy Installations Command
  • Diriyah Gate Development Authority
  • Marine Corps Installations Command
  • Ministry of Environment Water & Agriculture
  • NEOM
  • United Utilities Water for the North West
  • Sellafield, Ltd
  • Sam Houston Tollway Ship Channel Bridge
  • FBISD Inspire Equip Imagine
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