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Meet Rohit Motwani

Meet Rohit Motwani

Rohit Motwani, program manager at Jacobs, compares his role on North America’s largest transportation infrastructure project to that of a compass. Rohit was part of a team tasked with integrating all components of this vast and complex project, to support the official opening of the transformed Long Island Railroad.

A program manager and civil engineer with eight years of experience in the delivery of commercial and major transportation projects, Rohit supported New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority with the completion of its Grand Central Madison public works project in New York City.

Rohit was part of the program management team, trusted with managing the construction program to deliver the project on time and on budget through integrating all contracts and stakeholders. His role required him to accurately assess the program’s direction and to co-pilot any necessary changes in its direction. This involved working closely with the construction management team to test systems and to identify and solve the program’s most critical problems.

The sheer scale of the $11 billion project, with the program divided into over 50 packages, required meticulous coordination and interface management with other contractors, as well as the ability to pivot the program at a moment’s notice.

  • $ 2 B

    of work managed on the project

  • 6

    active contracts managed to deliver the project on time and on budget

  • 3

    project-related awards received

  • 162 K

    commuters to benefit from faster commutes

“Many of the challenges we’ve faced on Grand Central Madison have strong reference points to Jacobs’ other major capital projects across the world, so we’ve been able to harness that knowledge and our global workforce to give us a significant head start in solving those problems. Seeing actual trains successfully operate on the Grand Central Madison is a defining moment for the project team, having spent years and months building the system that supports it.”

Rohit Motwani

Rohit Motwani

Jacobs Program Manager, Grand Central Madison project

As the project moved into systems-focused construction and testing the program team sought out innovative delivery methods, including prefabrication and modular construction, to further reduce passenger disruption. The C08 Traction Power substation was delivered to site in 22 sections and assembled on-site within a week.

A significant milestone for Rohit’s team, who were instrumental in the planning and execution of test train activities, was the train testing on the Long Island Railroad using passenger rail cars. This included the testing of all related rail infrastructure, including power, signal and track systems.

Aside from Rohit’s passion for engineering vast infrastructure programs, his talents include flying. One of his childhood dreams was to become a professional pilot but as time progressed his passion for engineering took precedence. Many years later he had the chance to take to the skies over Long Island and enjoyed the feeling of being in the cockpit - he says it gave him a unique experience and perspective. Rohit hopes to earn a license and to continue flying in his spare time.

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