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Meet Raja Kadiyala

Meet Raja Kadiyala

From his early days leading research and development for robotics and automation in the semiconductor manufacturing and automotive space, to flight control at NASA, to now heading up Jacobs’ Digital Market across intelligent systems, geospatial and digital delivery, Dr. Raja Kadiyala never stands still.

After all, it’s part of optimizing and adapting to the world around us to meet the critical needs of our clients and teams, especially when it matters most – and exactly what our digital market solutions equip our teams to do.

From data analytics, automation systems and security to smart water and transportation — and the technologies in between — Raja empowers our teams, across markets and business lines, to transform big data into actionable information, harness the power of technology and connectivity and make the most out of their assets.

“Digital related technologies can be leveraged in so many remarkable ways and across just about every field. One of the most rewarding elements of the solutions being developed by the digital team in Jacobs is not only the unique application of the technology to meet client challenges, but also the long lasting societal impact that can be achieved for the communities that we live in.”

Raja Kadiyala

Dr. Raja Kadiyala

Vice President, Global Digital Market Director, Jacobs

His more than 28 years of experience spans smart transportation, digital water, smart cities, semiconductor manufacturing, robotics and automation in the pharmaceuticals and food and beverage sectors. And he’s helped key clients in digital transformation, real-time sensing and artificial intelligence, digital twin implementation and has planned and implemented information and security systems around the globe.

Raja graduated with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from Purdue University with highest honors, and a master’s and doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley, specializing in robotics and non-linear control theory.

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    years of experience

  • 10

    major metropolitan areas he's protecting with real-time operational dashboardss

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    steps to get an egg cracked open and on a frying pan to win the national Rude Goldberg competition in his undergraduate days

  • 6

    NFL Superbowls' water supplies he's protected

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