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Meet Laura Schewel

Richmond, Virginia, U.S.

Laura Schewel

Laura Schewel is using big data to make better mobility decisions that hold benefits for all of us – and the planet – such as helping reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion and improving safety and equitable transportation access.

She founded StreetLight as an outcome of her graduate work after discovering the transportation industry lagged other industries in data availability.

“Transportation creates more than a third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, so there’s no solution to climate change that doesn’t involve a radical reduction in transportation emissions. By measuring transportation data effectively and using it to find better outcomes, we can work on real, transformational change that has a positive impact on our planet.”

Laura Schewel

Laura Schewel

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at StreetLight, a Jacobs company

Before starting StreetLight, Laura worked on transportation sustainability issues at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Rocky Mountain Institute. She holds degrees in environmental engineering and literature from Yale, with a PhD in energy and resources from UC Berkeley. Laura knows better data informs better transportation decisions. 

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    company founded in graduate school

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    student at Yale to double major in literature and engineering

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    Tedx Talk given