StreetLight InSight®

Measure vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian activity 24/7, without sensors or surveys


StreetLight InSight® is big data web platform that harnesses connected device and IoT data to measure vehicle, transit, bike, and foot traffic virtually anywhere. Use our self-serve software 24/7 to analyze traffic volumes, Origin-Destination, turning movement counts, and other transportation metrics — for any road, area or time period. 

Traditional traffic counters and travel surveys are expensive, and they take weeks to deploy, calibrate and turn into actionable insights. StreetLight InSight® provides on-demand analytics that capture critical trends in transportation, letting you analyze, visualize and compare travel patterns in your neighborhood, city — or across the country.

StreetLight's innovative tools help transportation agencies and consulting firms make better decisions, enriching available data sources and filling key data gaps to gain unique insights: From pinpointing where to deploy EV charges to meet new demand, to identifying road safety hotspots and solutions, to diagnosing the infrastructure needed to boost equitable access.

StreetLight InSight® offers a proven digital roadmap to transport planning success.

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Key benefits

  • Provides answers on-demand

    Designed for transportation planning and operations, it is a first-of-its-kind platform that lets users answer their mobility questions on-demand.

  • Offers reliability backed by rigorous third-party validation

    Trusted by 1,000s of transportation professionals across all lower 48 states and Canadian provinces, validated against 1,000s of permanent traffic counters.

  • Easy to use and navigate

    Measure mobility for any geographic zone, road, bike lane, or sidewalk in a few clicks.

  • Empowers transportation professionals with all the right tools

    Uses all fundamental industry analytics, from Origin-Destination to Select Link to Turning Movements Counts, without deploying sensors or surveys.

  • Cuts through complexity

    Diagnose and solve complex transportation problems on the fly:

    • Identify and prioritize gaps in infrastructure, road safety, and accessibility
    • Plan EV infrastructure with mobility metrics for site selection, utilization and deployment
    • Understand granular travel demand in target markets
    • Model vehicle emissions
    • Diagnose congestion and congestion solutions
  • Provides flexible payment plans

    Pay-as-you-go and unlimited plans available for self-serve or assisted project delivery.

“The scale we were analyzing didn’t lend itself to traditional techniques. The customization that is possible and the ability to take a deep-dive into various subsets of the market really made StreetLight reveal itself as a fantastic resource available to us to help solve these questions.”

Matt Horton


Key features

  • Self-serve, SaaS mobility measurement platform
  • 24/7 access to transportation analytics in the U.S. and Canada
  • Proprietary Route Science® powered travel patterns spanning urban and rural transportation network
  • All major transport modes, including vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and transit
  • Origin-Destination, traffic counts and other fundamental analytics
  • Demographic overlays
  • Dynamic, 3D map visualizations, powerful charts or comma-separated values (CSV) output
  • Training, support and online help center

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