Toward a zero-carbon future
Webinars Sep 03, 2020

Towards a Zero-Carbon Future: Hydrogen Economics & Prospects

Hydrogen is attracting global attention as an essential element of the broader transformation occurring in the energy sector. But hydrogen will need to overcome several hurdles to reach its full potential. In this webinar, we explore the economics of hydrogen, examining the cost structure of its sustainable supply chain and assessing the potential demand for hydrogen in some end-use applications, ultimately asking what needs to be done to make hydrogen economic.
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How real is my project?
Webinars Aug 27, 2020

“How Real is My Project?” Applying UNFC to the Global Renewable Energy Sector

The United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC) is transforming into the global standard for the classification of renewable energy resources. UNFC provides a structured way to assess development projects’ status and the energy they will produce and enables comparison across all technologies. In this webinar you’ll learn what UNFC is all about and how to use it to characterize your own project portfolios.
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Resilient Power System
Webinars Aug 20, 2020

Why Our Power System Needs to be Resilient - Reinforcing Tomorrow Based on What We Know Today

The rush for renewable generation and recent system events have revealed a range of technical limitations causing constrained development and heightening concerns that a less resilient power system now exists. In this webinar we present several issues affecting power system resilience, including the impacts of short-term events and long-term trends.
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A strategy for long duration energy storage
Webinars Aug 13, 2020

A Strategy for Long Duration Energy Storage to Meet Net-Zero Emissions Targets

The Power industry is experiencing an unprecedented pace of change compounded by the pursuit of a zero-carbon future. What if we showed you how an increase in long-term energy storage capacity could support renewable energy generation to meet net zero emissions targets? In this webinar we present the results of our latest technical paper on energy storage, analyzing possible storage technologies, offering indicative development strategies, and providing insights into creating a functioning market to de-risk investment in long-term storage.
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A focus on safety culture
Webinars Aug 06, 2020

A Focus on Safety Culture During the Energy Transition

Delivering power projects in remote locations under challenging site conditions and schedules can add additional risks to projects. To effectively manage these risks and ensure successful project delivery requires an unwavering commitment to safety by all members of a team. In this webinar, we present two successfully completed projects as case studies of how to create a safety culture within a project team.
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