Q&A Jun 5, 2024

Advancing Hypersonic Satellite Defense: A Q&A with Wayne Rezzonico

Q&A with Wayne Rezzonico Delivery Team Lead

Meet Wayne Rezzonico, the Jacobs Missile Defense Group’s recipient of the Quarterly Award for outstanding leadership and contributions to mission-critical projects. 

Senior leadership recognized Wayne, our Missile Defense Agency (MDA) ground system manager, for exemplifying Jacobs values while providing significant and lasting contributions to the MDA mission. We sat down with Wayne for a Q&A.

Tell us about your role and what you’re  most passionate about.

 I currently lead the MDA Enterprise Ground System (MEGS) Delivery Team. I manage the ground system supporting two Hypersonic and Ballistic Space Tracking Sensor (HBTSS) demonstration satellites. These satellites are critical to refining the technology to counter advanced missile threats. I enjoy applying the skills I’ve acquired over my career to challenging problems. With 22 years in the Air Force as a space and acquisition professional and another 16 years supporting MDA, every past job has provided me with knowledge and experience that I’ve applied in my current position.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

When I joined this team in June 2023, plenty of people didn't think the ground system would be ready to support the HBTSS launch. Many had discarded the idea of an "enterprise ground system" as too hard to accomplish. However, a great team dedicated to this mission and management support made it happen. The first acquisition of signals from each satellite after the launch was a satisfying milestone in my career. 

How has your current role evolved since you joined Jacobs?

Following the contract award, I transitioned to Jacobs. I was assigned as the lead integrator to configure, troubleshoot and operate simulations of the various components of the Ballistic Missile Defense systems in Combatant Command exercises. These computer simulations were used to support the training of warfighters around the globe and evaluate alternative operations and procedures. After the government restructured this area of the contract, I transitioned to another team as a systems engineer. I became an integrator, which evolved into a technical advisor role before landing in my current position. Jacobs has provided me with many opportunities for career development and advancement.

What do you enjoy most about the Jacobs Missile Defense Group?

I enjoy the support of the entire team. Senior management has gone out of their way to care for the employees, and my current supervisor provides all the support and guidance I need to manage my team. And, of course, I’m blessed to work with the MEGS team, who have done the impossible – working nights and weekends when required to solve the technical hurdles to get us to where we are today. It's the satisfaction of knowing you accomplished something meaningful and being part of a group of professionals who share your goal to make a difference.

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