News Jun 18, 2024

Leading the Charge in Delivering Critical Capability to the Missile Defense Agency

Jacobs is building and delivering a first-of-its-kind Enterprise Ground System, a significant accomplishment in advancing national defense capability

HBTSS courtesy of the Missile Defense Agency

Courtesy of the Missile Defense Agency

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With the successful launch of the Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor (HBTSS), the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is now operating two HBTSS satellites from the Missile Defense Space Enterprise Architecture’s (MDSEA) Missile Defense Space Operations Center (MDSOC), a multi-mission facility designed to support concurrent space program operations at the Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center (MDIOC) on Schriever Space Force Base in Colorado, U.S.. 

Jacobs played a critical role in advancing MDA’s capability to protect against evolving threats. Jacobs designed, built and delivered a first-of-its-kind Missile Defense Enterprise Ground System (MEGS) in three short years. This platform provides command and control for MDA’s two HBTSS satellites. It serves as a key asset for MDA’s rigorous flight-testing schedule, providing tracking, telemetry, data storage, and management services, to name a few. 

This is a significant accomplishment for national defense, considering the speed at which it was achieved and that previous attempts by other agencies to deliver this capability were unsuccessful. Because of the technical complexity and interoperability requirements, this is an imperative milestone in MDA’s ability to field and support future space programs and capabilities. Throughout the development of MEGS, Jacobs provided extraordinary program management, system engineering and integration – providing a platform for critical MDA testing that will be optimized for future space programs.

“We take great pride in supporting the advancement of the Missile Defense System (MDS) and commend the unwavering dedication and achievements of the Jacobs Missile Defense Group in their crucial mission to safeguard our nation,” says Senior Vice President Mark Walter. “It’s wonderful to see organizations and skilled individuals working diligently to support our nation’s security and critical initiatives.”

Jacobs, along with its small business teammates and specialty niche subcontractors, on the Integrated Research and Development for Enterprise Solutions (IRES) contract, delivers the planning, integration and execution of the IT platform for MDA through IT products and services, logistics support, command and control, and mission protection services. Our dedicated focus on MDA and its mission includes a broad scope of research and development, systems engineering, integration, enterprise IT and digital transformation tailored to ensure the success of events and many other critical missions for other MDA programs and functional organizations.

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