News Aug 4, 2022

Jacobs Teams with Companies to Support NASA JETS II Contract

Announcing teammate companies for safe, successful contract delivery

JETS II Graphic

Since 2005, Jacobs has partnered with NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC), sharing the agency’s commitment to advancing space science and exploration. With the recent award of the JSC Engineering, Technology, and Science (JETS) II contract, we are excited to have this opportunity to build on our longstanding relationship with our JSC customer and continue our ongoing support to the success of human space exploration.

Under this contract, Jacobs will provide engineering design, development, sustaining engineering, analysis, assessment, technology development, test services and laboratory/facility operation and maintenance for the JSC Engineering Directorate. Jacobs will also deliver planetary missions research, physical science research, astromaterial curation and laboratory/facility operation and maintenance for the JSC Exploration Integration and Science Directorate, as well as engineering and related services for other organizations at JSC and other centers and government agencies.

To deliver a wide array of services across various departments and centers, there’s a great deal of communication, commitment and collaboration required. To do this successfully, Jacobs has subcontracted numerous companies aligned with our goals, safety standards, as well as NASA’s overall mission.

Beginning October 1, 2022, under the JETS II contract, the following companies will work alongside and integrate with Jacobs to safely and successfully accomplish the goals and contractual requirements within JETS II.

  • Aerodyne Industries, LLC
  • Barrios Technology
  • Bastion Technologies, Inc.
  • Engineering Research and Consulting, Inc
  • EXB Solutions, Inc.
  • GeoControl Systems, Inc.
  • HX5, LLC
  • Intuitive Machines
  • Mclaurin Aerospace
  • MRI Technologies
  • Nexus Solutions
  • Oceaneering

We’re excited to bring on new teammate companies and continue our relationship with others to deliver innovative, forward-thinking solutions for JSC and NASA as a whole.