News May 6, 2020

Jacobs Named 2020 Digital Water Consulting Services Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan

Digital solutions prove to be more important than ever as water utilities navigate the new normal of COVID-19.

Frost and Sullivan Award

Jacobs has been named Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Company of the Year in the digital water consulting services market for its leadership in intelligent water solutions. From smart meters and intelligent asset management to data analytics and digital twins, Jacobs provides services to transform big data into actionable information, supporting utilities with increasing regulatory pressures, aging workforces, failing infrastructure and climate change-induced challenges to optimize performance, protect utilities’ assets, improve efficiency and ensure a sustainable water supply.

“For more than seven decades, Jacobs has been a leader in sustainable water development and innovative technology services. We’re honored to accept the Digital Water Company of the Year award for our commitment to providing a powerful spectrum of solutions for the water industry, from water supplies to treatment, conveyance, wastewater treatment, reuse and return to the natural environment,” says Jacobs Global Digital Market Director Dr. Raja Kadiyala. “The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the creation and adoption of digital solutions; as the water industry navigates the new normal, digital solutions are becoming more important than ever.”

The Company of the Year Award is presented to the company that demonstrates excellence in growth, innovation and leadership as it relates to customer impact. Water utilities have been impacted by the disruptions related to the recent global COVID-19 pandemic.

With employees sheltering at home, operations staff adjusting to new working environments and local communities in need of clean water for consumption, hand washing, hygiene and proper sanitation, the Frost & Sullivan award is a timely testament to our work providing providing digitally-enabled solutions globally. Jacobs’ digital water solutions help utilities tackle important challenges associated with operational resiliency, aging infrastructure and resource optimization, along with the current pandemic. Recently for example, Jacobs launched a pilot program to monitor wastewater streams at locations where we operate wastewater treatment plants. The pilot aims to help clients understand the impacts and spread of COVID-19 within their communities, using genetic testing techniques and samples collected by Jacobs operators to track the presence of the virus in raw wastewater, which can be correlated with public health and epidemiological data.

Additionally, working closely with 26 of America’s largest water utilities, we recently completed digital risk and resilience assessments for each utility, helping them meet America’s Water Infrastructure Act requirements. The assessments evaluated a wide gamut of potential scenarios that could negatively impact the water utilities, including acts of terrorism, financial crisis and loss of key staff due to illness or retirement, among other possible risks.

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