Jacobs Designs Award-Winning R&D Headquarters for CRISPR Therapeutics

CRISPR Therapeutics’ Research & Development Headquarters in Boston wins New England International Interior Design Award.

Images courtesy of CRISPR Therapeutics

At Jacobs, we’re redefining how people interact at work by creating connected, flexible workplace interiors like the new research & development (R&D) headquarters for CRISPR Therapeutics, which recently won the New England International Interior Design Award (IIDA).

CRISPR Therapeutics, a pioneering company focused on gene-based medicines, turned to us to design its innovative R&D facility in a new 263,500 square-foot-building in South Boston, Massachusetts. Our design team partnered closely with CRISPR Therapeutics to bring five core principles to the forefront of the design: employee focus, science first, connectivity, agility and flexibility.

Our extensive workplace strategy evaluation underpinned the design of the seven-story R&D headquarters, incorporating several unique design elements:

  • The state-of-the-art labs feature demountable partitions and adaptable infrastructure, accommodating varying lab-to-office ratios.
  • Glass walls visually connect offices to labs, maintaining privacy with graphic patterns.
  • Advanced acoustics, ergonomics, sit-to-stand desks and inviting collaborative settings prioritize employee wellbeing. Additional gathering spaces, stadium stair, outdoor terraces and a roof deck further enhance connectivity.

The building's lobby became a vibrant public connector, offering space for art, food, and meetings to engage the wider community. Throughout the building, design features subtly reference CRISPR Therapeutics' technology – with slot windows, narrow biophilic green walls and DNA-inspired lighting arrays. Each floor has its own identity through color schemes and comprehensive graphics programs that reinforce the scientific narrative with quotes, gene-inspired patterns, and patient stories.

We also prioritized adaptability, ensuring spaces were purpose-built yet capable of evolving with future needs. Transparency plays a pivotal role, connecting people and spaces through glass partitions and interconnecting stairs.

IIDA of New England recognizes the impact of design on the human experience with its annual awards and CRISPR Therapeutics' Research & Development Headquarters is a prime example. Awarded in the Science & Research category – which includes interiors above 50,000-square-feet and supports the biotech, pharmaceutical, medical technology, research, development, and innovation industries – this award-winning facility, designed by Jacobs' team, eptiomizes a harmonious fusion of design and purpose, and reflects CRISPR Therapeutics' commitment to transforming lives through scientific breakthroughs. 

Did you know?

  • 1.4 K

    There are 1,450 collaboration seats in CRISPR Therapeautics' new R&D headquarters

  • 360

    CRISPR Therapeautics' new R&D headquarters offers 360° views of Boston

  • 1

    The new R&D headquarters is home to 1 Nobel prize-winning science

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