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Research & Development

Replica™ is our digital twin solution software platform, built on a foundation of domain knowledge, computational power, data connectivity and intuitive interfaces.

The full suite of tools includes:

Process Type

These digital twins can be likened to a “flight simulator,” demonstrating system performance over time.

Process Type

Replica Planner™

Replica Planner is a very flexible platform that can simulate resource systems dynamically, over time. Examples of modeled systems include water resources, energy, solid waste and traffic. The ability to connect complex systems together in a single interface that is visually intuitive leads to informed team collaboration and creative solutions.

See Replica Planner in action

Replica Process™

Jacobs' world-renowned expertise in water treatment can be simulated both statically and dynamically over time in Replica Process software. Informed decisions are founded on the ability of Replica Process to provide details on system performance among many alternatives, very quickly.

See Replica Process in action

Replica Air™

Replica Air simulates all aspects of a compressible fluid (e.g. air) supply system including pipes, valves, diffusers, and blowers. The ability to couple Replica Air with Replica Controls in a single simulation allows for the development of unique and robust designs that reduce energy use and life cycle costs.

See Replica Air in action

Replica Controls™

Replica Controls allows for dynamic simulation of system instrumentation such as flow meters, indicator transmitters, limit switches and stream analyzers as well as the logic objects including PID controllers, sequencers, units controller and alarms. The software's controls capabilities and functionality align with industry design standards, and its ability to predict full scale performance is unmatched due to the connectivity with Replica Hydraulics.

See Replica Controls in action

Replica Hydraulics™

Replica Hydraulics was designed to simulate all pressurized and gravity flow hydraulics of a system, simultaneously. Replica’s hydraulic blocks were built on accepted engineering practice equations and have been successfully verified on hundreds of projects. The Replica Hydraulics library is the foundation for complete, dynamic water system analysis and can be used exclusively for hydraulic analysis of a system or in conjunction with Replica Process, Replica Controls and or Replica Air.

See Replica Hydraulics in action

Layout Type

These digital twins are multi-dimensional representations of the assets, such as virtual reality, augmented reality and/or data-driven models with asset information, scheduling and more.

layout type

Replica Parametric Design™

Replica Parametric Design allows for capturing inputs from Replica Process and creating a rapid design basis for water treatment and conveyance facilities. This software, provides outputs on construction quantities and costs, life cycle quantities and costs and estimates of environmental impacts. Rapid process design in Replica Process and the resulting development of the Replica Parametric Designs allows for thorough alternatives analysis and enhanced team communication.

See Replica Parametric Design in action

Replica Preview™

Replica Preview is used to early stage visualization of facility designs. This software rapidly creates scaled three-dimensional designs, which can be placed on Google Earth®. Rapid design development in Replica Parametric Design and visualization with Replica Preview allows for informed analysis of many alternatives and sound decision-making.

See Replica Preview in action

Data-Driven Type

These digital twins are centered around massive quantities of data, but domain knowledge makes this data more valuable to our clients.

Data-driven type

Connectivity to the Replica suite amplifies the power of data analytics as has been demonstrated on many projects around the world. While not a software “package,” these capabilities (data analytics, machine learning, optimization, etc.) can be brought to bear by our technologists whenever necessary to gain synergies between data streams and foundational engineering analysis tools.

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