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How We Can Help

Jacobs delivers data-driven digital insights to help clients make defensible decisions and informed solutions to meet their project needs.

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Replica™ is Jacobs digital twin solution software platform. This software suite has been used to deliver projects for our clients around the world for more than 20 years.

Built on a foundation of domain knowledge, computational power, data connectivity and intuitive interfaces, Replica enables us to solve your challenges through realistic simulation under a variety of conditions. Replica enhances in-depth analysis and leads to improved system design, optimized operations performance and reduced capital and operating costs.

With our Digital Twins capabilities, we improve communication and collaboration and provide increased confidence in solutions for our clients prior to implementation.


What if we showed you?

From smart city development to infrastructure resiliency, what if we showed you how Jacobs’ Replica™ digital twin software helps plan for a more connected, sustainable tomorrow?


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years of realistic simulations provided to clients across markets


project applications across the globe to date


gallons per day of capacity (and counting!) simulated using Replica digital twin software solutions

Replica in Practice

In 2019, Replica solutions helped Melbourne Water achieve $2.5 million in capital cost savings during the installation of an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system at the Winneke Water Treatment Plant (WTP). We used Replica to create a comprehensive dynamic simulation model of the existing WTP systems to identify means to stabilize flows and minimize UV system capacity requirements which reduced capital and operating costs. The dynamic model was used to revamp the control strategy, revise tuning parameters and update the control narrative — with zero downtime for the operational WTP.

We’re applying Replica for a variety of projects and clients around the world, including to minimize energy and chemical usage on water and industrial water-related processes, to develop alternative control strategies against wet weather events and to create digital twins of infrastructure around the world.

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