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From Risks to Resilience: International Perspectives on Holistic Climate Adaptation at a Time of Financial Challenge

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It’s time to think differently about the future – about how we respond to unanticipated events like COVID-19 and how we prepare for and mitigate the natural, societal and economic risks associated with climate change. When individuals, communities, institutions, businesses and systems are resilient, they’re able to withstand, recover quickly and thrive – no matter what adversities they experience. In this session, we will examine resilience and preparedness in the context of climate change, with a focus on investigating ‘undisclosed risks’ and the full range of short- and long-term climate risks, and a holistic asset management approach for addressing climate change. We will hear from Melbourne Water, which provides drinking water and wastewater services for the approximately 5 million people living in the Melbourne metropolitan area and Thames Estuary Asset Management 2100, the Environment Agency’s single largest flood risk management program in England.

Our panel of presenters are:

  • Laurens van der Tak - Moderator, Americas Water Resilience Director, Jacobs
  • Clare McAuliffe, Principal, Strategy and Risk, Melbourne Water
  • Craig Clifton, Resilience and Climate Change Global Technology Leader, Jacobs
  • Abby Abby Crisostomo, Thames Estuary 2100 Strategic Asset Management Lead, Environment Agency
  • Richard Windsor, Asset Management Lead, Thames Estuary Asset Management 2100