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Leveraging Water Infrastructure Projects as a Catalyst for Urban Revitalization

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Cities are archetypal ‘systems of systems’ – everything connects to and impacts everything else. Elements of cities – infrastructure, services, open spaces, community activities, and more – cannot and should not be addressed in isolation. Historically, this mono-dimensional approach has been commonplace. Recognizing, devising, instituting, and operationalizing a comprehensive, integrated systems-based approach to strategy, planning, design, and development of water infrastructure is essential to the future of cities; and cities are fundamental to the global attempts to properly manage the water cycle and address climate change and social inequities. In this “In the kNOW” webinar, we will explore the role of water infrastructure projects as catalysts for urban revitalization, presenting a case for this transformative approach and sharing actual examples to highlight its successes to date, while defining remaining challenges


Pam Elardo – New York City Department of Environmental Protection, Deputy Commissioner for Bureau of Wastewater Treatment

Victoria Johnson – Jacobs Americas Social Value/Equity Practice Leader

Emily King – Jacobs Global Technology Lead for Social Value Advisory

Gary Lapera – Jacobs Architecture Global Solutions Director

Karen Pallansch – Alexandria Renew Enterprises, CEO and General Manager