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Many Approaches to One Water: Implementing Integrated Water Management Regionally

Many Approaches to One Water: Implementing Integrated Water Management Regionally

Many approaches to one water: Implementing integrated water management regionally.

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Within watersheds and across community boundaries, utilities are tackling complex challenges in sustainably, equitably, and safely managing water. Addressing these challenges requires integrated, collaborative solutions that are specific to the regional watershed, beneficial to local communities, and rooted in the context of the global water cycle. Integrated or One Water approaches are not a one size fits all. In this webinar we will learn how two utilities – the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and Las Virgenes Municipal Water District – are addressing very different water quality and water quantity challenges.

These organizations demonstrate how water connects us and affects us all, and how integrated solutions require systems-based thinking and regional partnerships and collaboration. Whether you’re grappling with too much water or too little water, implementing a One Water approach allows for a tailored solution.


Susan Moisio, Global Vice President & Global Water Director, Jacobs

Joseph Danyluk, Principal Technologist & Global Lead for OneWater, Jacobs

Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells, Chief Executive Officer, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

David Pedersen, General Manager, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, Administering Agent, Las Virgenes-Triunfo Joint Powers Authority

Katie Bollmer, Senior Project Manager, Jacobs