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Digital Twins: Enabling Data-Driven Water Reclamation & Reuse Solutions

In the Know Webinar Series
Digital twins defined

Digital Twins

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In our technology-driven world, digital representations of physical assets, processes and systems – better known as "digital twins" – are rapidly becoming a preferred practice across markets.

In this webinar you’ll learn how Digital Twin solutions enable optimal use of resources allowing solutions to be investigated and tested without putting equipment, public health or the environment at risk.

Our panel of presenters are:

  • Julian Sandino – Moderator, Jacobs Wastewater Global Solutions Director
  • Garrett Owens – Jacobs Global Technology Leader for Digital Twins
  • Jim McQuarrie – Director of Comprehensive Planning and Innovation with the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District in Colorado
  • Bruce Johnson – Wastewater Technology Fellow within Jacobs
  • Adrienne Menniti – Principal Process Engineer with Clean Water Services in Hillsboro, Oregon