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Awareness and Vigilance Help Prevent Cyber-Tampering at Water Treatment Facilities

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Cyber-tampering is on the rise. Awareness and vigilance can help thwart an attack. Intentional cyber penetration into U.S. water utility process control systems by rogue nation states, insider threats (through intentional and unintentional attacks), and a variety of criminal groups have been reported. Cyberattacks have disrupted critical process operations in all industrial sectors (e.g., energy, manufacturing, water, transportation, building management systems, etc.) Consequently, these attacks have the potential to disrupt, or even compromise production or service.

In this webinar our thought leaders share some initial steps water providers can take to protect their assets.


  • Adi Karisik, Jacobs Global Technology Leader Operational Technology (Cybersecurity)  
  • John Rickermann, Jacobs Managing Director, Technical Services Group, Operations Management & Facilities Services 


  • Russell Ford, Jacobs Global Solutions Director, Drinking Water & Reuse