In the kNOW Jun 2, 2020

Water Utility Resilience + COVID-19 Response

In the kNow Webinar

This installment in our webinar series sharing information on the hottest topics trending NOW from some of the foremost industry experts is focused on Water Utility Resiliency — from what it takes to plan and prepare for long-term issues such as climate change, to how to pivot planning and respond to unforeseen challenges such as COVID-19. Resiliency is about how we prepare for and respond to natural, societal and economic risks.

  • Resilience Overview

    • Adam Hosking, Jacobs Water Resources Global Solutions Director
  • Incorporating Climate Resilience Planning into Asset Management
    • Rob Taylor, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Energy Manager
    • Laurens van der Tak, Jacobs, Technology Fellow: Water Resources
  • Applying Resilience, Strategy and Tools to COVID-19 Response
    • Richard Windsor, UK Environment Agency, Asset Management Lead, TEAM 2100
    • Scott Haskins, Jacobs, Water Market Lead, Strategic Consulting
  • Q&A
Water Utility Resilience + COVID-19 Response

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Water Utility Resilience + COVID-19 Response