In the kNOW May 12, 2020

PFAS Considerations in the Water Sector

In the kNow Webinar

This webinar is focused on PFAS considerations in the water sector with a look at the latest information on sampling, analytical methods and best available treatment technologies for removing per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from water systems and wastewater applications.

  • Why This Issue is Important

    • Peter Nicol, Jacobs Global Vice President, Global Director for Water
  • PFAS in Our Water Cycle
    • Megan Plumlee, PhD, Director of Research for the Orange County Water District
    • Scott Grieco, PhD, PE, Jacobs Global Technology Leader | Drinking Water & Reuse
  • PFAS Impacts on Residuals Management
    • Jeff Prevatt, PhD, Deputy Director of Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Dept
    • Todd O. Williams, PE, BCEE, Jacobs Global Technology Leader | Residuals Resource Recovery
PFAS Considerations in the Water Sector

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PFAS Considerations in the Water Sector