In the kNOW Oct 27, 2020

Hydrogen – A New Energy Solution for the Water Industry

In the kNow Webinar

With the global shift to clean energy growth, hydrogen can be part of the solution in our drive toward a decarbonized, sustainable future. Cost, however, remains a major barrier to adoption. In this webinar you’ll learn about case studies to explore whether using oxygen in wastewater treatment processes could create enough savings for the wastewater treatment plant to effectively subsidize the cost of hydrogen production and increase its commercial viability.

By reimaging water utilities as future energy providers, we’re breaking down commercial barriers to sustainable hydrogen resources. Learn how Australia’s initiatives can be applied broadly and its applicability in the North America market.

  • Julian Sandino – Moderator – Jacobs Global Solutions Director for Wastewater
  • David Middleton, Executive Director, Water, Asia Pacific will share the role of Wastewater Treatment Facilities in the Development of Australia’s Hydrogen Industry
  • Pat McCafferty, Managing Director of Yarra Valley Water will discuss the case study for the Yarra Valley Water’s Aurora Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Tom Johnson, Jacobs Global Technology Leader for Wastewater Process Simulation will share the case study for typical US wastewater treatment facilities
  • Sarah Dorminy, Jacobs Systems Engineer will discuss renewable energy’s role in hydrogen production

Learn more about hydrogen living up to its potential for economic growth in this thought leadership paper co-authored by Yarra Valley Water and Jacobs.

Hydrogen - What and Why

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Hydrogen - A New Energy Solution for the Water Industry