Providing real-time data service to any location, globally


The CST88 is a compact satellite transceiver that provides 88 Kbps bi-directional data transfer for Comms-on-the-move. The CST88 module works with the Iridium® satellite constellation and provides real-time data service to any location on the globe.

Jacobs has produced this transceiver under a license agreement with Iridium and is offering a device that uniquely sits at a midpoint between Iridium’s narrowband and high bandwidth products. Speeds of up to 88 Kbps provide enough bandwidth to support full motion video, multiple voice channels, or just a data stream in a size, weight, and power (SWaP) that can support man-portable, unattended sensors, UAV and other SWaP sensitive applications. Link margin to maintain a full speed connection can be accomplished with a small omni-directional antenna, eliminating the need for satellite tracking or high-power transmitters.

The CST88 module will work with both the Iridium commercial network and the dedicated Enhanced Mobile Satellite System (EMSS) for use by the U.S. Government and FVEY partners.

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Key features

  • Transceiver module for “medium speed” secure IP applications
  • Background IP connectivity
  • SWaP, packaging flexibility, QRC focused leveraging Iridium Certus® 9770 module
  • Small passive omni-directional antenna
  • Jacobs can support modem sales to approved Government customers and/or application integration (e.g. application processor interface)
  • Physical or soft-SIM supported on application board level
  • Future data messaging service called Iridium Messaging TransportSM
  • Future telephony interface
  • Multiple IP data streams and high-quality voice via 88Kbps bi-directional link available anywhere around the globe
CST88 and Iridium Certus Service

Target specifications

CST88 target specifications

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