Operational Readiness and Airport Transition (ORAT)

One of the challenges airports have experienced in successfully opening new facilities has been the lack of adequate testing and remediation ahead of opening to ensure the people, equipment, systems and facilities are operationally ready.

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Operational Readiness and Airport Transition (ORAT) is a series of processes where checks and balances are put in place to identify and mitigate risks in a new or expanded facility before operational impacts can occur. If used from the start of a project, ORAT can even influence and improve final design from an operational perspective.

At Jacobs, we take a two-phase approach to ORAT. The first phase is strategic: we develop a concept for how new facilities will operate. By engaging the stakeholders early, the ability to influence the design of a facility provides long-term benefits to the operation. The second phase is tactical: we focus on the readiness of the staff, systems, equipment and processes during the transition to the new facilities.

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  • Melvin Price
    Melvin Price

    Associate Director, Airport Operational Readiness

  • Brian Kissoon
    Brian Kissoon

    Trials Advisor, Airport Operational Readiness

  • Rafah Kafaja
    Rafah Kafaja

    Principal Consultant

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