Sealing Leaks in Buried Pipework

Initially developed to repair pressure vessel cooling water pipes at nuclear plants in the U.K., Jacobs’ leak sealing service has been successfully used worldwide in power stations, research facilities, nuclear fusion experiments, particle accelerators, heat exchangers, water treatment plants and other facilities.

Two jacobs employees in protective gear

Continually developed and improved from the initial concept, there are now many variations and formulas to deal with a wide range of scenarios. As well as sealing pipes buried in concrete, the technology can be used wherever it is physically impossible to gain access, dangerous to do so because of hazards such as radioactivity, or where the cost of dismantling complex systems is too high.

Our leak sealing service:

  • Seals holes of up to 10mm effective diameter.
  • Is highly durable and withstands operating pressures of up to 1,000 pounds per square inch.
  • Resists corrosive or radioactive environments.
  • Does not adversely affect pipework.
  • Tackles pipe runs up to 100 cubic metres in volume.
  • Works successfully in a range of operating environments, including highly concentrated nitric acid.
  • Treats carbon steel, copper, stainless steel and other materials.
  • Ensures that all excess material is removed by post-treatment flushing, eliminating the risk of plugging the pipework.
  • Is performed by fully qualified and experienced teams.
  • Requires minimal plant modification.
  • Can be repeated in the unlikely event that the repair is unsuccessful.