Annual Report

2023 Integrated Annual Report

A dynamic business for a changing world

Universally, our clients are being asked to do more, faster and with less, whether it be managing skills shortages, tighter budgets or supply chain limitations, all while navigating global climate change and complex geopolitical conditions. We’re seeing larger, more multifaceted projects across key sectors aligned to critical infrastructure and sustainability. Anticipating the global mega trends most important to our clients, we’re leveraging the science-based, deep domain experience we’ve gained over decades to solve complex challenges around climate response, social value, resource constraints, cybersecurity, data and technology.

With the transformational moves within our portfolio in the sectors we serve, this is the time for us to capitalize on opportunities to lead our industry, while optimizing and streamlining our business to accelerate organic growth.

As we work on some of the most critical infrastructure projects around the world, we’re positively advancing what thoughtful, quality and nature positive infrastructure can do to support our communities in the future and how we can help promote equitable systems.