Ocean Outfall Legislation (OOL) Program Construction Projects: South District Wastewater Treatment Plant (SDWWTP)

SDWWTP is located adjacent to Blackpoint Marina in South Miami-Dade County. The Ocean Outfall Legislation Program (OOL) will be undertaking a total of nine construction/rehabilitation projects with a total investment cost of $660 million at SDWWTP.

South District Wastewater Treatment Plant

South District Wastewater Treatment Plant

The OOL Program includes improvements & expansion of the existing SDWWTP wastewater collection & treatment systems that are necessary to meet future projected flows and loads. 


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Step Feed & Oxygenation Trains Rehab

Rehabilitation of existing oxygenation trains including mechanical mixer replacement


1st Qtr. 2021


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Headworks & Oxygenation Trains

New Headworks and two new oxygenation trains


1st Qtr. 2021


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Clarifiers & High Level Disinfection (HLD)

New secondary clarifier; RAS Pump Station improvements; New Filter Train


4th Qtr. 2021-1st Qtr. 2022



Chorine Contact tank & Injection Wells Pump Station

New chlorine contact tank; injection well PS, 72-inch well loop interconnect & miscellaneous improvements


1st Qtr. 2021 - 1st Qtr. 2022



Electrical Distribution Building #3

New Electrical Distribution Building


3rd Qtr. 2021



Substations 5/6 & 15/16

Replacement of existing substations


2nd Qtr. 2021



Improvements to Electrical Building #2

Retrofit of the existing generators to dual fuel, addition of a dual-fuel engine-generator


4th Qtr. 2021 - 1st Qtr. 2022