Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Enhancing the world’s busiest airport for years to come

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Jacobs has played a key role in the development of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), located in Atlanta, Georgia, since 2001. 

We’ve supported projects such as the construction of the 5th Runway, the Maynard Jackson International Terminal, the Consolidated Rental Car Facility, airport-wide asset management strategy, and several other facilities and airfield projects. Additionally, our Operation Management and Facilities Services (OMFS) team provides maintenance services for the domestic terminal and concourses, contracted by the Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company (AATC).

Today, we also provide construction management support services for over 180 capital projects at ATL as part of its $20 billion capital improvement program known as “ATLNext.” Operating under a joint venture agreement known as “ATL Construction Management Partners” with Parsons Transportation Group, Inc. and Rohadfox Construction Control Services, we support projects aimed at rehabilitating existing facilities, constructing new facilities and enhancing customer experience at the airport.

Together, we also make significant contributions toward enhancing infrastructure, fostering innovation and promoting community and economic development on behalf of the City of Atlanta’s Department of Aviation.

  • 105 M

    Since 1998, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has held the title of the world's busiest airport, with 105 million passengers traveling annually.

  • $ 20 B

    The current value of the ATLNext capital program at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is $20 billion through 2032.

  • $ 911 M

    As of December 2023, the ATLNext program has generated over $911 million for local MWBE businesses.

  • 15 Years

    Since 2017, Jacobs has been partnering on a 15-year joint venture contract to provide construction management support services for the world’s busiest airport.

  • 180 +

    Jacobs manages over 180 capital projects, renewing and replacing facilities, constructing new ones and improving customer experience at the airport.

Bridging the gap between process and construction on ATLNext

The ATLNext capital improvement program is part of the Airport Use and Lease Agreement between the City of Atlanta and the operating airlines, extending for the next 20 years. Over $3.7 billion in capital projects have been implemented as part of the program to date, with approximately $11.9 billion in active projects currently in the planning, design, procurement or construction phases. 

Recently, the program has been reprioritized to include the evaluation of another $4.9 billion in additional projects over the next 15-20 years, bringing the total program to approximately $20 billion. 

As the construction manager, Jacobs assists our client, the Department of Aviation, in implementing the ATLNext program and works closely with the airport’s project management support services team to administer construction policies and procedures that meet industry standards. This includes activities such as:

  • Developing and implementing training and mentoring programs.
  • Collaborating with DOA management regarding personnel resources.
  • Leveraging various tools and techniques to identify, monitor and mitigate construction risks. 
  • Holding stakeholder engagement meetings to share program progress, review client concerns and priorities and to request additional construction management support as required. 
  • Continuously improving project delivery and oversight by monitoring, documenting and incorporating key lessons learned. 

By recognizing and seizing advanced opportunities to develop staff and introduce technology, we drive performance and innovation in our projects across the program – ensuring we remain at the forefront of industry advancements, ready to tackle future challenges with cutting-edge solutions such as building information modeling, integrated project delivery platforms, and sustainability and green building practices.

“Jacobs and the Atlanta Construction Management Partners are integral to our airport's operations. They're like three legs of a stool - the Department of Aviation being one, the Construction Management being another, and the Project Management being the third. If any of these legs were removed, the stool would collapse. That's how crucial the Atlanta Construction Management Partners are to our success.”

Balram “B” Bheodari

General Manager, Department of Aviation, City of Atlanta

Impacting the community and our industry overall

  • Enhancing infrastructure and safety: Our work has a direct impact on the efficiency and safety of the world’s busiest airport. By ensuring the successful delivery of the ATLNext program and other efforts across ATL, we contribute to the enhancement of infrastructure that supports global travel and commerce.
  • Promoting sustainability and innovation: Our teams use best practices and deliver innovative solutions that set benchmarks for the industry. This approach encourages sustainability, efficiency, and resilience in infrastructure development, influencing how projects are approached globally.
  • Supporting community and economic development: The successful execution of airport construction projects not only improves passenger experiences but also drives economic growth by creating jobs, fostering tourism, and enhancing the overall connectivity of the region to the world.

Looking ahead, ATL is poised to continue its trajectory of innovation, growth and enhancement of aviation infrastructure, and Jacobs and our joint venture partners are on board to continue enhancing the airport for years to come. With passenger volumes expected to grow, expanding the airport's capacity while enhancing the passenger experience remains a priority. Investments in more resilient construction materials and methods, along with advanced security technologies, will ensure the airport remains a safe and reliable hub for global travel. Engaging with the community and fostering partnerships will also be crucial for facilitating smoother project implementations and enhancing the social and economic benefits of the airport to the region. 

Our focus remains on delivering projects that not only meet today's needs but are also adaptable to the future, ensuring ATL continues to serve as a premier gateway for air travel and a catalyst for economic growth.

“Our partnership with the Department of Aviation on the ATLNext program embodies our commitment to pioneering and delivering construction management service of unparalleled quality. Our collaborative efforts underscore a shared vision of creating lasting value and enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring that every milestone we achieve together contributes to a legacy of success and progress.”

Joshua Williams

Joshua Williams

Director of Construction Management Support Services, Jacobs