Denver International Airport (DEN)

Jacobs has been partnering with Denver International Airport (DEN) since the airport’s inception to help a growing airport’s vision take flight.

The Concourse Expansion Program (CEP)

The Concourse Expansion Program (CEP) Photo credit ©Jeffrey Totaro, 2022.

Airports are all about connection.

Whether you’re  catching a flight, arriving to a loved one or passing through, an airport is a hub of connected activity and people, and the Denver International Airport (DEN) hopes to be a part of your next connection. This bustling airport is one of the biggest in the United States and the world, connecting more than 200 nonstop destinations and 78 million passengers (CY 2023) with no signs of slowing down. Operating on 53 square miles, twice the size of Manhattan, DEN is poised to continue growing exponentially, utilizing partners such as Jacobs to keep people connecting today and into the future.

A visual snapshot of some of the Jacobs work at DEN

A visual snapshot of some of the Jacobs work at DEN

Since the beginning to today

Jacobs has provided professional services at DEN since the airport was first a vision in 1992 and opened in February 1995. The work at DEN hasn’t slowed down as the airport continues to grow and modernize, with more than 60 critical projects delivered at the airport since 2017.

The Great Hall Improvement Program – The main terminal at DEN is undergoing renovation and renewal as the airport continues to expand. Jacobs is supporting DEN with program management support services, helping to enable the move of the security screening checkpoints from level five to level six while enhancing security. The renovation of the sixth floor also includes demolishing existing linear ticket counters and constructing new ticket pods.

The Concourse Expansion Program (CEP) – More passengers mean increasing capacity for future growth. Jacobs is the Architect/ Engineer (A/E) of record for the east expansions to existing Concourses B and C, making room for 28 new aircraft gates, an outdoor deck, new airlines and concessions spaces as well as “right-sizing” four existing hold rooms. This project was recognized as the Engineering News Record’s (ENR) 2023 best Airport/Transit project in the Mountain States.

The Gate Apron Reconstruction and Drainage Improvements (GARDI) – At the same time DEN opened additional aircraft parking gates, Jacobs is helping DEN maintain their existing gates. Jacobs provides design and construction administration services for reconstructing the utilities and aircraft pavements and improving drainage around existing Concourses A, B and C.

Future Runway Program – Jacobs works with DEN inside and outside the terminal. Jacobs has designed three of the original six runways at DEN and is thrilled to be trusted to design the seventh runway at DEN upon environmental approval. 

Various On-Call Project Work and Local Community Involvement– Alongside these programs, Jacobs has performed dozens of projects across the airport, including asset management and environmental services. 

“Jacobs’ 28-year partnership with Denver International Airport includes iconic projects across the airfield, landside and passenger facilities. [DEN CEO] Phil Washington’s leadership in sustainability, inclusion and diversity, passenger experience and thoughtful growth perfectly align with Jacobs’ mission to challenge today and reinvent tomorrow.”

Bob Pragada

Bob Pragada

CEO, Jacobs

Sustainable design and delivery for the future

To address tomorrow’s needs today, we focus on substantial gains in energy efficiency and sustainability for DEN while allowing the airport to improve its amenities and appearance. Sustainable initiatives include efficiency improvements and serviceability through specific cost-effective design enhancements such as building envelope and glazing optimization, lighting power reduction, energy recovery and on-site renewable energy. On the recent Concourse Expansions, photovoltaic arrays were included on the roof to offset an estimated 10% of the total annual energy cost of the buildings. Jacobs collaborated with DEN on several strategies to help realize DEN’s goal of being a global leader in sustainability as well as meeting the requirements of the city and county of Denver to meet critical sustainability and non-carbon energy goals. 

Jacobs is invested not only in the success at DEN but also in Denver as a whole. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped deliver Denver’s capital improvement program for streets, bridges, bike and pedestrian facilities, parks, wastewater, sanitary sewers and storm drainage through hundreds of task orders under multiple on-call contracts. We embrace Denver’s STEAM, small business and sustainability initiatives, building meaningful local partnerships. Additionally, Jacobs will be pursuing many major programs at DEN as the airport continues its growth to meet Vision 100 and beyond. Jacobs is currently working with more than 30 minority and women-owned firms to deliver these recent and future iconic programs for DEN. Alongside DEN and Denver, we look forward to building a better tomorrow, together.

Jacobs design of the Digital Experience along Pena Blvd when entering DEN

Jacobs design of the Digital Experience along Pena Blvd when entering DEN