Spark Therapeutics, Corporate Headquarters & Research Facility: A relocation to meet the needs of the future

To meet the growing needs of its expanding business, Spark Therapeutics intended to develop a new CorporateHeadquarters and ResearchFacility in downtown Philadelphia at One Drexel Plaza – a historic landmark building.

Spark Therapeutics

Spark Therapeutics, Corporate Headquarters & Research Facility

Inside Spark Therapeutics’ new headquarters

Spark Therapeutics’ relocation gives more space to the laboratory functions with approximately 22,700-square-feet of lab space, 14,800-square-feet of office/meeting/amenity space, and an additional11,200-square-feet of building support and core on the second floor and 9,000-square-feet on the garden level.

Design and engineering included the feasibility study, concept design, detailed design phases, and the implementation of innovative lab design concepts integrated with associated office, study, and amenity spaces.

The lab area is intended to be a free-flowing space, as open as possible with clear sightlines and logical circulation. The partition that separates the open lab from the offices is to be full-height glass.

Some closed labs will have partitions of full-height glass to afford optimal views of the exterior wherever possible. Suspended acoustical tile ceiling will accommodate light fixtures, diffusers, and overhead lab utilities service panels as well as access to services and mechanical runs to which services can be connected or disconnected for future equipment change-outs.

  • 22.7 K

    square feet of lab space

  • 14.8

    square feet of office/meeting/ amenity space

  • 11.2 K

    square feet of building support and core on the second floor

  • 9 K

    square feet on the garden level