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If/When Podcast Series

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If/When Podcast Series

The world we’ll be faced with tomorrow demands big ideas today.

In Jacobs’ series of interviews with some of today’s leading industry and academic problem solvers, we discuss the Ifs and Whens of disruption — those phenomena with the potential to unsettle the status quo, as well as those now imminent and emerging.

Digital Imaging: Seeing Things More Clearly

If/When Episode 6

In this episode of If/When, we will be discussing advancements in digital imaging with Paul Reed Smith, Managing General Partner of Paul Reed Smith Guitars and founder and manager of Digital Harmonic; Mason Baron, chief technology officer at Digital Harmonic; Dr. Lisa Vanderbloemen, recently Jacobs’ Manager of the Exploration Science/Earth Science & Remote Sensing Unit; and Sarah Deitrick, Lunar Geoscientist and Simulant Specialist for Jacobs. Listen to Digital Imaging: Seeing Things More Clearly

Aviation, Transportation and COVID-19: How Do We Move Forward?

If/When Episode 5

What happens when a multi-trillion-dollar industry meets a global health crisis that grinds it to a halt? And when things start returning to "normal" – assuming that they do – what does that industry look like next? In this episode, we look at the impact of COVID-19 on the aviation and public transportation industries, featuring insights from Kevin Slack, Global Vice President, Transportation, and Andrew Gibson, Global Solutions Director - Aviation. Listen to Aviation, Transportation and COVID-19: How Do We Move Forward?

Pandemic in the Pacific: Lessons from Across the Tasman Sea

If/When Episode 4

We speak with Mark Newsome, director for HealthSolve Limited in New Zealand, and Matthew Holmes, Jacobs global director for Healthcare. Mark and Matthew shared their insights on trends and directions in health service delivery, with a view towards what we can learn from the COVID-19 experience. Listen to Pandemic in the Pacific: Lessons from Across the Tasman Sea

Mobility & Future Cities: The Direction Ahead

If/When Podcast Episode 3

At the end of October, the United Nations has a designated World Cities Day in which they ask the international community to promote discussion and exploration on the topic of the urban environment. For 2019, the theme selected by the UN was Changing the world: innovations and better life for future generations. We discuss the future of cities with Professor Michael Keith, co-Director of the Oxford University Programme for the Future of Cities and Brian Burkhard, the Global Technology Leader - Advanced Mobility Systems at Jacobs. Listen to Mobility & Future Cities: The Direction Ahead

AI & Data Analytics: The Zeitgeist of Development

If/When Episode 2: AI and Data Analytics

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are dominating today’s business headlines and are ushering in a multitude of strategic changes to a variety of industries. Organizations of all sizes are directing massive resources of time, money and intellectual capital into AI development in a bid to realize market-leading leaps forward in technological capabilities. But where is the zeitgeist that is artificial intelligence development headed? We discuss artificial intelligence and data analytics with Stratos Davlos, the chief technology officer for AI firm Innoplexus and Reuben Maher, Global Director and Data Analytics Lead at Jacobs. Listen to AI & Data Analytics: The Zeitgeist of Development

Digital Twins: The Imagery of Imitation

If/When Episode 001

A new kind of twin is emerging on the landscape and helping to shape the cities of tomorrow. Called digital twins, these technological marvels seek to create extremely accurate virtual replicas of objects in the real world. And the application of digital twin technology is finding its way into a variety of sectors, including healthcare and manufacturing. We discuss digital twins with Dr. Jonathan Reichental, founder and CEO of Human Future and Dr. Raja Kadiyala, Jacobs global director for Digital Solutions and the Jacobs Connected Enterprise. Listen to Digital Twins: The Imagery of Imitation